Amputee attacked while trying to save puppies in Levin

A man in Levin has been left bruised and battered after being attacked while trying to stop thieves from stealing his rottweiler puppies.

Matty Hart said his father, who didn’t want to be named, heard his three puppies barking and went to see what was happening at about 8.15pm on Wednesday.

He found three people, two men and a woman, trying to break into his property in Cambridge St, Levin.

CCTV footage shows a man jumping over a fence and opening it for others before Hart’s father comes outside to investigate.

The 62-year-old, who is an amputee, grabbed a piece of metal in an attempt to fend off the trio but is pushed to the ground after confronting one of them.

After getting up he tries to shut the three people out of his property but one pushes past him with two puppies.

Outside the gate the man is knocked to the ground and kicked as he lay there.

“He’s taken a good blow to the face, he’s got quite bad swelling, he was shoved to the ground, some abrasions, he was punched again,” Hart said.

He said his father, who was treated by ambulance staff,is “absolutely heartbroken” and is more worried about his puppies than himself.

“In 25 years I’ve never seen my father cry,” he told the Herald.

The dogs’ distraught mother “has been acting funny” since the incident, Hart said.

Hart’s father recently took the dogs to the vet to get microchipped and is hoping to get them back.

A social media post about his experience has been shared more than 3000 times.

Police are investigating the attack and have asked anyone with information to contact them on 105.

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