Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's 'squad' blasted as 'Marxist cabal who hate US and are at war against the country' in new book

REP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow “Squad” members have been blasted as a “cabal of Marxists who hate this country” and "are at war with the US” in an explosive new book. 

Fox News host Mark Levin has claimed that immigrant members of the Squad have brought “their indoctrination into the country” as he accused them of “trashing America.”

He also took a hit at President Joe Biden who he accused of trashing “his own country in the most devilish and vile terms.”

Levin opened Sunday’s edition of his show Life, Liberty & Levin with a heated teardown of Biden, the Squad, and the Democratic Party as a whole, as he pushed his upcoming book American Marxism. 

He accused them of launching a “war on your lifestyle” as he claimed they were coming for the income of the average American. 

“This is not a Squad, this is a cabal of Marxists who hate this country,” he said of AOC, and fellow progressive members of Congress Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley. 

“Some of them are first, second-generation immigrants into the country, who bring their attitudes, who bring their indoctrination into the country and are at war, right there in the halls of Congress, against our own country. 

"They have found a home in the Democratic party,” Levin continued. 

“The Democratic party has no intention of doing anything about this. What has [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi done? She has…been weak.”

The Fox host then accused the Squad and other Democrats of controlling the country’s education system, as he claimed the attacks come from movements such as Black Lives Matter. 

"You have people in our country who welcome them by trashing America from elementary school to middle school, to high school and beyond, trash America, the media, the President of the United States, who trashes his own country in the most devilish and vile terms, well, people aren’t gonna assimilate into our culture when our culture is under attack from within," Levin said.

"This is a full-scale multi-level intersectional attack on our system of government, on our founding, on our principles. 

"And the biggest political party in the country—the Democratic party represents this movement. The media in this country with very few exceptions represents this movement.”

He alleged that support for Black Lives Matter and in particular, the push for critical race theory to be taught in schools, has led to educational institutions “creating mobs and promoting violence.” 

Bernie Sanders was also in Levin firing-line as he claimed that the senator, as a member of the Budget Committee, is “driving the finances in this country into the ground.”

Levin branded the Vermont lawmaker a “New York Marxist” as he blamed him for inflation in the aftermath of the Covid pandemic. 

His comments bashing the US education system come after Donald Trump also accused Biden of “brainwashing kids” and calling for a more “patriotic” curriculum in American schools. 

In an op-ed published on Friday,  the former president urged parents to take action as he accused Biden of "indoctrinating America’s schoolchildren with some of the most toxic and anti-American theories ever conceived."

He claims in the RealClearPolitics article that it is " vital" American schools stop teaching critical race theory as it is telling children that "they are evil."

"Instead of helping young people discover that America is the greatest, most tolerant, and most generous nation in history, it teaches them that America is systemically evil and that the hearts of our people are full of hatred and malice," Trump writes.

"The left’s vile new theory preaches that judging people by the color of their skin is actually a good idea."

The ex-president claims that the theory verges on "psychological abuse" and is not just "immoral" but a "program for national suicide."

It also follows criticism for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi after 200 rabbis accused her of failing to punish Squad member Ilhan Omar over claimed anti-Israeli remarks. 

The rabbis called on Pelosi to remove Omar from her position on the House Foreign Affairs Committee

They accused Rep Omar of “playing identity politics” as they previously voiced concern about her appointment to the committee.

And Republicans were also angered that Pelosi appeared to award AOC with a role on an economic committee in a bid to relax tensions with members of the Squad last week.

AOC’s appointment was only three days after Republicans tried to censure three members of the Squad for their comments comparing Israel and the US to Hamas and the Taliban.

The resolution is led by GOP Reps. Michael Waltz, Jim Banks, and Claudia Tenney.

The lawmakers criticize Omar, AOC, and Rep. Rashida Tlaib for accusing Israel of "committing human rights abuses" and "egregious violations."

Last month, Omar slammed Israel’s airstrikes on the Gaza strip as “terrorism."

She tweeted: “Israeli airstrikes killing civilians in Gaza is an act of terrorism. Palestinians deserve protection.

"Unlike Israel, missile defense programs, such as Iron Dome, don’t exist to protect Palestinian civilians.

“It’s unconscionable to not condemn these attacks on the week of Eid.”

Levin’s book American marxism will be released on July 23. 

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