Al Jazeera hosts Future of Media Leaders summit

Two-day event brings together prominent figures from the world’s top broadcasting and media organisations.

    Al Jazeera Media Network will host the second edition of the Future of Media Leaders’ Summit in Qatar’s capital, Doha, on Monday and Tuesday.

    The conference aims to bring together the most prominent figures and leaders of the world’s top broadcasting and media organisations.

    This year speakers will discuss issues relevant to global media corporations.

    “This event is unique and has become a remarkable platform that brings the largest number of officials from the media and technology organisations and companies to discuss the latest technologies related to the media industry,” Al Jazeera’s Executive Director of Technology and Operations Mohamed Abuagla said.

    “This year, the conference hosts international experts and keynote speakers from around the world to join a two-day series of discussions and seminars aiming to present a futuristic vision on the cloud technology, cyber security, artificial intelligence, the TV+, and the fast-paced technological progress in the industry,” Abuagla added.

    The talks and panel discussions during the two-day event will mostly focus on the future of newsrooms. The two-day event will not only focus on new technologies that will change the media in the coming years, it will also look at current issues in journalism.

    One of the panels will look specifically at how “fake and manipulative” news is affecting journalism, and how it has eroded public trust in reporting.

    The Future of Media Leaders’ summit was first held in 2017. Videos of last year’s event are available here.

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