Aide: Tory whose secretary was ‘caught selling sex’ is difficult

Tory minister whose secretary was ‘caught selling sex’ is difficult to work with and thinks he is PM, says aide

  • Dominic Raab’s aide claims the Conservative minister acted like prime minister 
  • The 20-year-old civil servant accused him of being ‘really hard’ to manage  
  • Westminster watchers had previously identified him as a future Tory leader  

Dominic Raab’s aide allegedly claimed the Tory minister was ‘difficult to work with’ and often acted as if he was the prime minister.

The diary secretary described her boss as being ‘dismissive of women’ and putting ‘himself above everybody’.

The 20-year-old civil servant said Mr Raab had ‘tunnel vision’ and that ‘just managing him had been really hard’.

Mr Raab, the minister for housing and planning, became the MP for Esher and Walton in 2010.

The diary secretary described her boss (pictured, second from right, speaking to Theresa May) as being ‘dismissive of women’ and putting ‘himself above everybody’

The 44-year-old has been identified by some Westminster watchers as a future Tory leader and prime minister.

Mr Raab’s secretary told an undercover Daily Mirror journalist: ‘I’m not his biggest fan.

‘You have to be very straight with him. He finds it difficult dealing with women. He’s very dismissive.’

She said that Mr Raab struggled with the fact that there were three women on his team, adding: ‘It’s something everybody’s noticed, so we find it very difficult to manage him.

‘He’s very tunnel vision. He’s not very open-minded, not very open to discussion. He’s difficult to work with. I think he thinks he’s the prime minister.

‘He puts himself above everybody – he’s not the favourite minister I’ve worked for.

However, she added: ‘He’s an enjoyable challenge.

‘I like being the strong woman who can handle him, showing the other women around me you don’t have to put up with his s**t. No, I find it a healthy challenge.’

The secretary, who was suspended on Wednesday, told the Daily Mirror how Mr Raab’s staff toasted his departure with a bottle of prosecco when he left London for his constituency home at the start of the Easter holiday.

The young woman, who does not normally drink alcohol, said: ‘The team managed to pressure me into drinking a glass of prosecco. They said it had been a dreadful week.

Raab’s staf reportedly toasted his departure with a bottle of prosecco when he left London for his constituency home at the start of the Easter holiday

‘It had been a horrendous week with Dom. He had been really flighty. Just managing him had been really hard.’

She suggested he should relax by getting high on a hash brownie – a cake baked with marijuana. She said: ‘He needs loosening up. He’s very uptight. That’s the word for him. I would love to get him high. He would lose his s**t, he would.

‘Oh my God. When things go out of line he panics.’

Mr Raab is a married father-of-two who was a high-flying lawyer before embarking on a career in politics.

He held two posts in the Ministry of Justice from 2015 to 2018, initially working on human rights before being made Minister of State, assisting on court services and reform, as well as supporting the Secretary of State for Justice on EU Exit and international business.

He caused controversy in 2011 when he claimed that ‘feminists are now amongst the most obnoxious bigots’.

There are fears that the aide’s willingness to talk about Mr Raab’s role and movements could leave her open to blackmail.

Her boss’s role as Minister of State for Housing includes the sensitive responsibility of having to deal with the many London properties owned by Russian oligarchs.

In the wake of the Salisbury nerve agent attack last month, Mr Raab also said the Kremlin could face ‘economic, financial, diplomatic’ retaliation.

… And he orders same lunch every day! 

By Georgia Edkins  

The diary secretary at the centre of the scandal claimed her boss was ‘so weird’ because he ordered exactly the same lunch from sandwich chain Pret A Manger every day.

The meal – known by aides as the ‘Dom Raab Special’ – was last night panned by health experts for its high salt and sugar content.

The 20-year-old aide said the MP for Esher and Walton always ate a Chicken Caesar and Bacon baguette, a Superfruit Salad pot and a Vitamin Volcano smoothie (all pictured, below).

She said: ‘He has the same sandwich every day. He has the same lunch.

‘It’s from Pret. He is so weird. I get it for him. I go to Pret A Manger. That’s how I know. It’s the Dom Raab Special.’

The lunch costs £9.03 altogether – the baguette is £3.99, the smoothie is £2.25 and the salad pot is £2.79.

But food nutritionist Fiona Parker warned that what might seem like a fresh, healthy meal could cause high blood pressure and dental erosion over time. She said: ‘There’s not a huge amount of salt in his current sandwich but it is recommended that your lunch should provide about 30 per cent of your daily amount of salt. The Chicken Caesar and Bacon has more than that. He already has a stressful job, so this raises the risk of high blood pressure and hyper tension.’

The baguette has 585 calories – 22 more than a Big Mac burger from McDonald’s.

In total Mr Raab consumes 821 calories for the lunch package alone – more than a third of the daily recommended intake.

The Vitamin Volcano smoothie, meanwhile, contains 27 grams of sugar – more sugar than in Pret’s carrot cake slice.

And while Mr Raab is getting three of his five-a-day, there is a distinct lack of vegetables in his lunch routine.

Parker added: ‘Eating the same lunch every day is not a great idea – variety may be the spice of life but it is also the key to a balanced diet.’

Pret A Manger, which markets itself as the home of healthy fast food, was last week dealt a humiliating blow when the Advertising Standards Agency ruled it could no longer label its goods ‘natural’ due to the number of additives it uses. 


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