Adult baby woman, 24, says she has to deny being a paedo and has lost friends

A student who dons baby grows as a way to 'regress' from adult life says she has had to regularly defend herself against accusations of being a paedophile, and has lost friends over her interest.

Danni Hamilton, 24, from Edinburgh in Scotland, began exploring her 'cheeky and clingy' infant alter-ego after being introduced to the 'age-play' kink scene two years ago.

These days, she can be found sharing photos of herself in 'kidcore' style on Twitter and Instagram, where she wears children's clothes and sucks on dummies — although she insists this is only something she does in her free time.

Danni offers that the act brings her relief from her childhood trauma, and allows her to escape from some of the pressures of adulthood, saying: "I've always loved baby toys and I've never grown out of them like other people do.

"My favourite part is letting go and feeling like I have no responsibilities. I had a rough childhood, and this helps to forget about it and relax.

"Playing is fun… even people not in the lifestyle love some of the things they did as a child. It's why the term nostalgia exists.

"I don't live the lifestyle full time, so I can go around as an adult when I need to. In baby mode, I'm very cheeky and playful. If I have a partner, I'll act very much like a toddler."

The woman also responded to critics online and in real life who accuse her of being a 'freak' or paedophile, saying that her entry into the pass-time is perfectly healthy: "Most of the time, I get positive comments, with people saying they're proud that I can express myself"

"I do still get negative comments, I've even been called a paedophile."

"I just ignore them. I know that I'm a consenting adult. I know what paedophiles are, and I know that I'm not one. I'm an adult trying to regress. I have every right to do what I want as long as it's safe, consenting, and with other adults."

She added that her therapist has approved the activity, and confirmed to her that age regression is a valid method of coping with childhood trauma.

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