60-year-old man belly flops from over 26 feet into just 10 inches of water to set world record

Thursday was a special night for Go-Big Show contestant Professor Splash, as he attempted to set a new world record. The 60-year-old, whose real name is Darren Taylor, attempted to dive from very high up into a very shallow pool.

“I'm gonna do a belly flop into 10 inches of water from 26 feet, 6 inches for a new world record,” Taylor said. “Now, this is the most dangerous dive I've ever done, and I'll probably never do this ever again, but I'm gonna set a new world record. And you will never see anybody do anything as insane as this.”

A NEW WORLD RECORD BROKEN! 😎😱 Congrats @ProfessorSplash for the magnificent belly flop! #GoBigShow#ProfessorSplashpic.twitter.com/bSmgnVZETG

— Go Big Show (@GoBigShowTBS) March 11, 2022

Donning a flame printed leotard, Taylor climbed on top of the platform as the crew below him lit the small pool he was to jump into. Pausing only briefly at the top to put on his mask, he leapt from the elevated platform. He slammed into the shallow pool, quenching most of the fire which had been writhing on the surface.

While viewers at home were anxious about the world-record-attempting dive, the show’s judges were worried Professor Splash was sunk. After landing, Taylor lay motionless for a handful of seconds.

After what seemed like forever, Taylor victoriously emerged from the pool. He not only earned a new world record, he also earned the respect of the judges like Rosario Dawson.

“Watching you is one of the most remarkable things,” Dawson said. “You've set the bar really high for all of us that we can push our limits even past an age where we should be physically capable of doing so. I mean, pure excellence.”

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