Japan's Princess Mako suffering from PTSD over criticism of marriage

Japan’s Princess Mako is suffering from PTSD over criticism of her marriage to a commoner, it is revealed: Couple will tie the knot this month with NO wedding ceremony

  • Princess Mako being treated for ‘complex’ PTSD, Japanese royal aides have said
  • Condition sparked by ‘abusive commentary’ over her marriage to Kei Komuro 
  • Aides revealed her distress as they announced the pair will wed on October 26
  • Couple will have no ceremony or banquet, and will instead marry in a registrar’s office before giving a short press conference 

Japan’s Princess Mako is suffering from PTSD due to negative coverage over her marriage to commoner Kei Komuro, royal aides have revealed as they confirmed the couple will tie the knot on October 26.

Mako, the 29-year-old niece of Emperor Naruhito, is receiving treatment for ‘complex’ psychological issues related to ‘abusive commentary’ in the media about her engagement to law-student Kei, aide Takaharu Kachi said.

He revealed the diagnosis at a press conference announcing that Mako and Kei will wed at the end of the month without a ceremony, banquet, or other rituals.

Mako will also forego a traditional payment of £1million she is entitled to on her wedding day due to financial controversy surrounding Kei’s family, and will also give up her position as a royal due to marrying a commoner – in keeping with tradition.

Japan’s Princess Mako (right) is suffering from PTSD over ‘abusive commentary’ in the media over her marriage to commoner Kei Komuro (left), aides have said

Mako’s condition was revealed as aides announced she will wed Komuro (pictured arriving in Tokyo this week) on October 26 without pomp or ceremony

Instead, the couple – who have been engaged since 2013 – will marry in a registrar’s office and then hold a press conference afterwards. 

They are expected to start a new life together in New York later this year, where Kei had been studying law. 

Mako and Kei met in Tokyo when they were both students of the International Christian University, before Kei proposed over dinner in 2013.

The couple kept their engagement a secret until 2017 when they went public with an announcement that they would wed the following year.

But they were faced with a furious backlash that intensified amid reports that Kei’s mother was in financial trouble with an ex-partner.

According to reports out of Japan, Kei’s mother had borrowed around £27,000 from an ex-fiance and then refused to pay it back.

But she hit back, saying the man had made it clear when the relationship broke down in 2012 that he did not want to be repaid – before later demanding the money.

Amid the furor, Mako and Kei announced that their wedding would be postponed until at least 2020 – ostensibly to ‘give us more time to plan.’

Kei then went back to study law in the US while the couple waited for the outcry to subside and for his mother to work out the situation with her ex.

But any hopes of a 2020 wedding were put on ice when Mako gave an interview saying she could not be certain when the nuptials would take place.

‘For us, a marriage is a necessary choice to live and honour our hearts,’ said Mako in a statement released by the Imperial Household Agency in November last year.

‘We are irreplaceable to each other, and we can lean on each other in happy times and in unhappy times.

‘[But] it is difficult to tell anything concrete regarding our future plans and others at the moment.’

All eyes then turned back to Tokyo earlier this week when Kei suddenly returned to the city, prompted speculation that a marriage announcement was imminent. 

Mako, who turns 30 three days before the wedding, is a niece of Emperor Naruhito. 

Her father, Prince Fumihito, is the younger brother of the Emperor and is currently the heir in line to the throne because Naruhito has only one child – a 19-year-old daughter named Aiko, Princess Toshi.

Japan’s strict succession rules dictate that only men can inherit the throne, with a government advisory panel backing the tradition in a July vote despite public opinion in favour of allowing Empresses.

It is unlikely that Naruhito will have another child, because his wife – Empress Masako – is now aged 57 and has suffered long-standing mental health issues.

That means Fumihito is likely to inherit, which could have put Mako’s children in the line of succession. She is is eldest daughter.

However, in line with strict royal tradition, Mako will be forced to give up her title due to marrying a commoner.  

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