Zeedan’s Corrie exit revealed after he leaves Kate and Rana’s attacker for dead

Zeedan Nazir’s Coronation Street exit appears to have been revealed.

The Speed Daal owner was wracked with guilt after leaving Kate Connor and Rana Nazir’s attacker for dead.

Zeedan has got himself in hot water after coming to the defence of the terrified couple, who were followed home by nasty Phil.

The loudmouth lad harassed the girls on a night out, claiming they were leading him on, then follow them back to the Street.

He menacingly approached the couple while they were kissing, then grabbed Kate and shoved Rana against a wall.

Zeedan heard Rana screaming and quickly ran to her defence, punching Phil in the head.

The knock, which sent him flying backwards into the wall, left him unconscious and bleeding on the floor.

The worried trio ran away and left Phil for dead, with nervous Zeedan admitting: "I just saw red."

Kate claimed it was just self defence and that he could have beaten them up or raped them.

But Zeedan was horrified to see Phil being taken away in an ambulance with brutal injuries.

Steve McDonald, who found Phil, revealed he had a weak pulse and had cracked his head.

Blaming Rana for the mess, Zeedan said: "I could end up going down for it spend the next few years inside. All because I lost it. All because of you."

Next week, there’s some relief for Zeedan when Rana does some digging at the hospital and discovers her attacker will make a full recovery.

However, Phil tells the police his attacker was an Asian male, while Kate and Rana are forced to act dumb under questioning.

Zeedan appears to be in the clear, but packs his bags and tells his devastated family that he must leave Weatherfield.

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