'Young And The Restless' Recap: Sharon's Jumpy, Victor's Determined, And Hilary Admits The Truth

JT’s disappearance on ‘The Young and the Restless’ has everybody on edge, and Hilary is coming clean with one Genoa City resident.

During Monday’s episode of The Young and the Restless, Sharon continued to struggle to maintain her composure when it comes to JT’s “disappearance.” People across Genoa City are anxious to find him, and Sharon seems to be the weak link among the four ladies who know what truly happened to him. Viewers also watched on Monday as Victor fought hard to make progress in his recovery, Faith landed in hot water at school, and Hilary admitted the truth about her supposed pregnancy to someone.

As SheKnows Soaps details, Nick and Mariah compared notes on Sharon’s odd behavior. The two wondered if what happened with Victoria sparked memories of her past abusive relationship, and CBS’s Soaps in Depth noted on Twitter that this was a nice mention that Young and Restless did of bringing up what happened years ago between Matt and Sharon.

Nick tried to get his ex-wife to explain what’s been bothering her, and Mariah separately did the same. However, at least for now, Sharon continued to stay mum about what went down the night that JT died. Instead, Sharon told her daughter that she’s flustered over trying to keep her friendship with Nick in a good place.

Nick and Sharon heard from Faith’s school that she got in trouble, and it turned out that she got suspended for a day for pushing back against a boy who had been bullying other classmates. Sharon stuck up for Faith in a way that’s clear to viewers she’s thinking of what happened with JT abusing Victoria, and Young and Restless fans have to wonder how long she can keep it together on this front.

Monday’s Young and Restless also showed Nikki and Neil briefly talking about Victor, and they soon found that he was pushing himself hard with both his secretary and his physiotherapist. Nikki lectured him on trying to do too much, too soon, trying to reassure Victor that everything at Newman Enterprises is being handled in his absence. Neil concurred, and soon Victor was venting about being anxious to track down JT.

Nikki left Neil and Victor alone, hoping that Neil would manage to calm Victor down. Victor told Neil about JT abusing Victoria, and Neil intervened when Newman wanted to down some tequila. The two men talked about their kids, and Victor mentioned how he and Nikki both are seeing other people at the moment. This Young and Restless episode then had Victor try to get up on his own, but he collapsed.

Elsewhere in Genoa City, Billy marveled over how supportive Phyllis was being regarding Victoria. Of course, Young and Restless viewers know exactly why Phyllis is acting this way, and she continued to urge Billy to give his ex-wife space and support. Nikki and Nick connected at Crimson Lights and talked about the Arturo situation. Phyllis soon arrived and the trio talked about Sharon briefly.

Naturally, Phyllis and Nikki covered for Sharon amid Nick’s worries, but once he left, the two ladies discussed how worried they were that Sharon would fall apart and get them all in trouble. Soon Hilary showed up and needled Phyllis about not being invited to the girls’ night she heard about from Mariah. As the two talked, Hilary came clean and told Phyllis that she’s actually not pregnant.

Hilary admitted to Phyllis that she hasn’t told Devon yet that she’s not pregnant, and soon the conversation gave Hilary an idea that some Young and Restless viewers already saw coming. She can use the sperm sample she already has of Devon’s to get pregnant and he’ll be none the wiser.

How long will it take for the truth about JT’s death to emerge and will any of the ladies land in legal trouble over it? Will Hilary really pursue using Devon’s sample to get pregnant? The Young and the Restless spoilers hint that there are plenty of juicy twists and turns on the way with both of these storylines and fans cannot wait to see where it all heads next.

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