'Young And Restless' Recap For May 9: Dina's Admission Stuns Jack, Genoa City Scrambles Over The Shocking News

The news regarding Jack’s paternity left everybody shocked and scrambling in Genoa City and the fallout was intense during Wednesday’s ‘The Young and the Restless.’

The Young and the Restless viewers knew the big reveal about Jack’s paternity was coming, but hearts broke as they watched him hear the news at the end of Tuesday’s show. Wednesday’s Y&R episode was focused on the fallout and Young and Restless spoilers hint that there’s a lot more to come on this front.

Jack asked to see the footage of Dina’s stunning reveal again, and he soon headed to the Club bar to try to wrap his head around the news. Billy connected with him there and tried to reassure his brother that they would always be family and that Jack would always be John’s son, no matter what the DNA indicated.

Victor couldn’t help but show up at the Club to relish Jack’s heartbreak. Before Victor could needle Jack too much, Billy stepped in and took his brother home. Back at the screening, everybody was in a state of shock and confusion. SheKnows Soaps details that Dina didn’t understand why the screening had stopped and Charlie was floored that the footage was in the video, as he knew he hadn’t put it in there.

The Abbotts reconvened at the family home where Ashley and Abby worried about the big reveal. Kyle showed up as well and seemed focused on how the news impacted him personally, an approach that irritated Abby. Kyle’s moaning and groaning continued, and the topic of Kyle’s closeness with Victor arose. The family continued to fret and bicker until Traci arrived, and soon Billy and Jack entered as well.

Ashley and Abby didn’t try to keep what they knew hidden any longer. They admitted that they had a DNA test run and that it seemed to confirm Dina’s claim. Jack got emotional thinking about how hard he tried to honor his father’s legacy, and Abby took on the blame for how the revealing footage ended up in the screener.

Dina soon reappeared, but Traci ushered her away quickly when it became clear that Jack couldn’t help but lash out at his mother. After Dina left, he insisted that he wouldn’t let her ramblings ruin their lives and attachment to John.

The Young and the Restless viewers had seen that Cane was prepared with a small statuette for Charlie, but the upheaval at the screening threw off Cane’s initial plan in regards to giving it to his son. Charlie remained upset about Dina’s shocker making it into the film, but Cane reassured his son it wasn’t his fault and gave him the award. Charlie seemed to feel somewhat better with that, and he headed home with Lily and his sister. Cane, however, said he’d left his laptop back at work and headed another direction.

Soon Cane showed up at the Abbott house and questioned what happened with the film. He told the Abbotts that they’d better not try to blame Charlie for the mistake, and Abby tried to explain.

As the week continues, Young and Restless spoilers hint that Ashley will become suspicious of Kyle, and Jack will turn to Neil for support. Jack is said to soften somewhat toward Dina, but viewers can expect to see his dark side rise again as he absorbs this news. The show teased via Twitter that this paternity revelation will change his life forever, and there’s no doubt that Peter Bergman will do some heartbreaking work with this stunner of a storyline.

Some Young and Restless fans still question this paternity turnabout, wondering if it could ultimately be Traci who isn’t a true Abbott instead of Jack. Stay tuned for additional Young and Restless spoilers as they become available, and tune in to new episodes airing weekdays on CBS to see what comes next.

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