'Young And Restless' Fans React To Ongoing JT Death Drama As Phyllis, Sharon, Nikki, And Victoria Scramble

What are ‘The Young and the Restless’ viewers saying on social media about the JT death storyline involving Victoria and the ladies?

A girls’ night turned tragic on The Young and the Restless recently when JT attacked Victoria, and Nikki, Phyllis, and Sharon jumped in to take care of the situation. JT died after Nikki clobbered him with a fireplace poker, and rather than call the police or Victor, they covered it all up and buried him in Chancellor Park. Now the four women are scrambling to keep their secret under wraps and Young and Restless fans are voicing some strong opinions about the chaos across social media.

Tuesday’s episode featured some intense back-and-forth involving Sharon and Phyllis. Given Sharon’s history of mental health issues, the women’s group as a whole are worried about whether or not she’ll crack under the weight of what they’re hiding. Like it or not, these two women are now tied together thanks to covering up JT’s death, but that doesn’t mean that they have to embrace it.

Some Young and Restless fans are loving these scenes involving actresses Sharon Case and Gina Tognoni while others think that they’re pure torture. Tognoni is a well-established and much-loved soap veteran, but it seems that the way Phyllis is being written now, she’s coming off to many Y&R viewers as a bully they dread seeing on their screens.

Young and Restless viewers are critical of the coverup involved in this storyline. Given that JT was raging at Victoria when Nikki hit him with the fireplace poker, saving her daughter, most think that Paul and the Genoa City Police Department would have handled the fallout without anyone landing in serious trouble. However, this is the land of soap operas, so naturally, the women panicked and hid the dead body.

Not only are some Young and Restless fans annoyed that the group hid this all from the police, but a number of viewers also point out that Victor’s help could be indispensable at this point. Victor obviously wasn’t available to help the night that JT died, but he’s now making great strides in his recovery and he’s determined to find the man who pushed him down the stairs and attacked his daughter.

As some Young and Restless fans have noted on Twitter, Victor is surely going to find out what happened anyway and he should have been looped in on what went down early on in this mess. Do the writers really have a plan of how to resolve this? From the looks of the commentary online, not everybody is convinced that’s the case.

Despite the critiques regarding how this JT situation is being handled, most Young and Restless viewers would probably acknowledge that the writers are tossing out some fun bits of dialogue. Sharon commented to Nikki that it’s strange when Nikki is being supportive of her, while Phyllis ranted about how the group is now facing a special slice of hell on the “I don’t want to go to prison” crew.

How will the writers navigate their way through the rest of this storyline of JT’s death? Will Sharon be the one who ultimately reveals the truth about what happened or will she keep it together as the news emerges in a more unexpected way? The Young and the Restless spoilers hint that there is juicy stuff on the way on this front and everybody can expect great scenes involving Nikki, Phyllis, Victoria, and Sharon as the storyline progresses in the episodes ahead.

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