X Factor’s double elimination happens again after huge sound gaffe

X Factor’s United Vibes and Molly were eliminated from the competition in a gruelling sing off.

Robbie Williams’ group, despite him being out of the country, sadly failed to impress and are therefore out of the competition.

They left immediately, however the group Acacia and Aaliyah and the girls’ Molly were left to battle it out in the dance off, which was made extra tense when considering the tricky sound issues that the singers had faced.

Danny Tetley and Anthony Russell, however, were saved from the show and did not end up being forced to leave or even compete in the sing off.

Acacia and Aaliyah gave it all they had with their song, Stormzy’s Big For Your Boots, before Molly took to the stage and performed her rendition of Christina Perri’s Human.

The girls seemed to have absolutely no concerns when they did what they love to do, performing and rapping, running into the stage and towards the judges to give it their all.

This compares to Molly, who kept things quiet and chilled when she sang her heart out, with her song filled with emotion.

But it was not enough as she was sent home.

Nile Rodgers’ time as a mentor was almost over because of this, but now he can invest all his time with Misunderstood and the girl band.

The X Factor continues on Saturday at 8.30pm on ITV.

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