Worrying development as Roy suffers dangerous chest pains in Corrie

A walk with Freddie the dog and Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman) took a bad turn for Roy Cropper (David Neilson) in Coronation Street, as problems with his breathing and chest pains continued.

Right now, Roy doesn’t know what’s wrong with his health, but he’s been struggling ever since he had to walk out of a salsa class with Evelyn a few weeks ago.

He’s been to the doctors and is currently awaiting an appointment with a specialist but tonight, Evelyn urged her friend to chase things up as it was clear Roy’s problems were a lot more severe than they initially thought.

While on a walk with Freddie the dog, Evelyn was chatting away to Roy.

Too engrossed in her own conversation, Evelyn failed to notice Roy needed help.

He eventually got Evelyn’s attention and they sat down in Victoria Garden, waiting for the difficult feelings to pass.

Roy told Evelyn that is was probably nothing to worry about and just high blood pressure, but the storyline will eventually lead to Roy being in hospital for an operation.

He will hand Evelyn a stack of letters for his friends and family, instructing her to only give them out if he doesn’t survive.

One of the envelopes will be addressed to Evelyn, who will go against Roy’s wishes and open it, touched to learn how much she means to him.

But will Evelyn find the moment to tell Roy how she feels?

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