World’s fattest My 600lb Life stars now – like slimming gran who can bonk again

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    It’s now been over ten years since the reality TV show My 600lb Life first aired – with season 11 being released this year.

    Many life-changing transformations have been inspired since its inception but there have also been over a dozen tragedies.

    Just last month, it was announced that favourite Larry Myers Jr. died of a heart attack just days after turning 49.

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    He weighed some 940 pounds when his episode hit our screens last January.

    Larry is one of 15 people who have appeared on the American show who have sadly died, with the majority of deaths weight related.

    But the binge-worthy series is responsible for some remarkable transformations and here we take a look at just five of the success stories.

    For those who haven’t seen it on TLC, it follows the lives of patients, usually weighing over 600 pounds (almost 43st), as they desperately try to slim down.

    They are supported by surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, also known as Dr Now, who determines whether they can do so naturally or whether a gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy is required.

    Charity Pierce

    At almost 800 pounds (57st), Charity Pierce relied on family and friends for simple everyday tasks when she starred in My 600lb Life in 2015.

    She suffered from flesh-eating bacteria but she has now shed more than 400 pounds and she recently bragged: “I can get sex anywhere".

    Her weight loss was helped by a gastric bypass – and she's now enjoying life to the full as a grandmother.

    Charity, from Houston, Texas, is one of the most talked about people to ever appear on the show after her fiancé cheated on her with her sister.

    The mum now uses her TikTok platform to sing lyrics taking aim at her ex, such as: “I can get sex from anywhere… I ain’t trying to f***” and “urghh I hate sleeping alone… miss those lying a** arms around me.”

    As for her family life now, she recently shared a post on Facebook saying: “Happiness is when your grandchild comes and hugs you just because.”

    Brittani Fulfer

    One year after Charity Pierce appeared on the show, we saw Brittani Fulfer star in season four.

    Fans were rooting for her from the start after she revealed that sexual abuse she endured as a child contributed to her weight issues.

    She was more than 600 pounds at the beginning of her TLC journey – before dropping 333 pounds thanks to exercise and dieting.

    Brittani also had skin removal surgery where 27 pounds of fat were removed from her abdomen.

    And heartwarmingly, she gave birth to a boy in 2018 and is now comfortable parading her figure in swimsuits.

    Writing on Facebook, she said: “Me on my birthday a couple of weeks ago. Three years ago I weighed 600lbs.

    “Now I am stronger, healthier and more alive than I thought was ever possible. Am I skinny? Nope.

    “Am I ok with that? Yep! My goal is to be healthy not skinny. Remember to love yourself today. Be blessed!”

    One person replied: “Looking great. I was just talking about your inspiring story today.”

    Paula Jones

    Like Brittani, My 600lb Life star Paula Jones was also subjected to sexual abuse when she was just a little girl.

    The trauma resulted in comfort eating and her own husband died from being overweight at the age of just 33.

    It was this shock that made her appear on the show to make sure her four kids were not left parentless.

    Back in 2014 she was 542 pounds but thanks to the help of Dr Now she lost 273 pounds in year one.

    An all liquid diet and a gastric bypass surgery were the two main reasons for the epic transformation.

    Since then she has wowed social media users with posts showing her progress.

    One eye-catching photo came in 2016 when Paula posed in a teeny swimsuit.

    The proud mum wrote: “By the pool! Look at those shoulders and in a 2 piece! I never imagined!”

    She also shared another photo last year demonstrating how she has maintained her health.

    Sarah Neeley

    Food addict Sarah Neeley ballooned to 46 stone after sneaking snacks home without her mum knowing.

    The binge eater was on season six back in 2018 and she became one of the programme’s most impressive good news stories after dropping 249 pounds.

    She underwent a gastric bypass op to help her achieve her fabulous makeover.

    Sarah, who is a mother, now has 10,000 Instagram followers and her bio, reads: “Follow me along as I continue to work on reaching my weight goal.”

    Under one of her posts, one fan replied: ”What an inspiration. Well done to you for your fantastic transformation, you look amazing.”

    Another gushed: “I followed your story and I get a lot of inspiration in all your determination, thank you for that.”

    A third added: “You look amazing.”

    Lupe Samona

    A fifth and final mention deserves to go to Lupe Samona who was on the show seven years ago.

    Lupe was 39 at the time and had been bed bound for 12 years because of her enormous size.

    She was 500 pounds as a teenager and was up to 642 pounds when she featured in season four.

    Her unhealthy lifestyle was influenced by being abandoned by her father – but after being advised by Dr Now, she ditched more than half her body weight to save her life.

    She lost 400 pounds after a gastric bypass and she now weighs around 300 pounds.

    Opening up in a video, she said: “Sometimes I feel like a failure… sometimes I feel I accomplished nothing in life, but after watching this, I can honestly say I’ve come a long way.

    “I’ve accomplished a whole lot! I might not be [where] I want to be, but I’m not where I [used] to be, so I thank God for the strength he has given me to make it through every trial and tribulation I have had to face.”

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