The Woman in White viewers complain about historical inaccuracies

The Woman in White viewers have been coming over all Gok Wan to point out historical inaccuracies in the first episode.

BBC One’s adaptation of Wilkie Collins’s novel premiered on Sunday night (April 22) to mixed reviews, but it seems that it was the costume choices that got some people watching all flustered.

The main source of frustration came from Laura’s (Olivia Vinall) choice of nightwear that she just wouldn’t have worn in the 19th century. Oh, and the fact she had a fringe.

Digital Spy has reached out to the BBC for comment.

Before the show premiered, star Ben Hardy explained how the new version is “a very different take on the story… grittier and a bit more down-to-earth”.

“There are a few differences – there tend to always be a few differences with any adaptation,” he explained.

“It was difficult, I loved the book so much, I was so married to it. I found it hard… any slight differences, I would sometimes argue! I’d say, ‘But in the book…’ but I had to just let it go.”

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But while there have been some cosmetic changes, Hardy insisted that the themes of the original novel remain surprisingly relevant: “What really struck me about The Woman in White is just how ahead of its time it was – especially the actual themes of the piece.”

The Woman in White continues on Sunday night (April 29) at 9pm on BBC One.

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