William Shatner leaves Eamonn lost for words as he mocks his ’little round Irish face’

William Shatner says Eamonn has a ‘little round Irish face’

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Eamonn Holmes is used to chatting to A-list stars on This Morning but he was particularly thrilled to enjoy a 40-minute interview with Canadian actor William Shatner. The star who is best known for his role as Captain Kirk in Star Trek, was equally as thrilled to be talking to the host, despite being hundreds of miles away.

As they talked about the future of the planet and if the events of Star Trek could become reality, William pointed out there were already great technological advances.

“We walk around totally talking for granted this television,” William remarked.

“Like right, you know what a miracle this is, this Zoom thing?

“I’m talking to you across the water, I’m hearing you, you look beautiful, you’ve got a little round Irish face, I’m so delighted to see it.

“But I’m in the middle of, I could be right beside you but this is even better because I’m more comfortable, I’m in my own home.

“What a miracle this is and we take it for granted.”

“Well I wish you were beside me,” Eamonn quipped back after being left momentarily lost for words over Williams’ remark about his face.

It comes not long after William spoke about how he is aware of his own mortality after being misdiagnosed with cancer.

He explained: “You know, at my age, you’re constantly aware of mortality.

“Any moment of, “Oh, I’m a little dizzy. Am I dying?” It’s an interesting question.

“It’s laughable, in a way, because then I bounce up and here I am talking to you.

“The question of mortality is always with me. The desire to impart that which I can to my family and thusly, I guess, to anybody else interested is very strong with me.”

He added to NBC News: “The story of our life is writ and it takes place and you live through it.

“It’s circular. It seems that what goes down does come up and what comes up eventually comes down.

“Taking that into account, my only words for my family and friends is: If it’s bad now, it’ll get better, just wait.”

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