Why did Jim Parsons quit The Big Bang Theory?

ACTOR Jim Parsons played Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory for more than a decade.

Parsons shocked fans of the show when he decided it was time to quit the series back in 2019.

Why did Jim Parsons quit The Big Bang Theory?

Jim Parsons, 48, decided it was time to quit The Big Bang Theory between seasons 11 and 12, according to an interview he did with USA Today.

He told USA Today that the feeling came during the summer after season 11 ended.

"It was a complicated road, as you can imagine," Parsons said. 

"We went through the 11th season, and then that summer, I went to New York to do 'Boys in the Band' on Broadway, and I think anything I felt got really affirmed.”

He also attributed his leaving to the death of his dog and reflecting on the passing of his father.

Upon leaving the show, he told Big Bang writers Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro that "if you told me that like my father I had 6 years left to live, I think there's other things I need to try and do."

Similarly, actress Kaley Cuoco, who played Penny on the series was asked by a fan on Watch What Happens: Live with Andy Cohen about Parsons’ decision to end the series.

The fan asked: “Were you disappointed when Jim Parsons' decision to leave the show ended The Big Bang Theory, when it could have gone on and on for many more years?"

To which she replied: "No, I think that is what he felt he needed at the time.

"And I think actually, I don’t know if my life would have taken this path if we hadn’t have ended when we did.

"So maybe it was a blessing in disguise."

What did Jim Parsons say about leaving The Big Bang Theory?

Parsons penned a tribute on Instagram dedicated to the series and the cast as the last episode wrapped up filming. 

The actor wrote: “It was really hard to pick the right pic for this post, so here is a shot of us in a hug after we filmed the last group scene we would ever film for the series…

“And TONIGHT is THE NIGHT… it’s the series finale at 8pm EST and then there’s the Young Sheldon (season!) finale, and then a special behind the scenes show hosted by @kaleycuoco and @sanctionedjohnnygalecki and then the entire cast is on @colbertlateshow I hope you get a chance to tune in and i hope you enjoy all of it. 

“If you enjoy it even half as much as we’ve enjoyed (LOVED) creating this show for the past 12 years, then that’ll be a WHOLE WHOLE lot of enjoyment.

Adding: “All of us will miss seeing you in this format, but we will be around in all sorts of ways, I assure you… love love love.”

How can I watch The Big Bang Theory?

The Big Bang Theory is available to stream on AppleTV, Hulu, CBS’s website, and HBO Max with a paid subscription.

The show is also airing on TBS.

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