Who is Tabitha Brown's husband Chance?

TABITHA Brown is known for her acting and online video content.

She can be seen with her husband regularly on social media as they co-hosts Fridays with Tab & Chance on IGTV.

Who is Tabitha Brown's husband Chance?

Chance Brown is former police officer with the Los Angeles Police Department.

He also features on IGTV show with wife Tabitha called Fridays with Tab & Chance where the couple use the time catch up with their fans discuss a particular topic.

Chance is also a children's basketball coach and runs an Instagram account called @teamchancebasketball where fans can see the progress of his students.

The account's bio reads: "Building relationships with kids ages 5-12 thru the fundamentals of basketball! 🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀EVERY KID DESERVES A CHANCE."

When did Tabitha and Chance Brown get married?

According to Greensboro via Meaww, the couple met in high school and dated on and off before before moving to Los Angeles, where Tabitha wanted to pursue a career in the film industry.

The pair tied the knot in April 2003 and Tabitha took to Instagram and posted a series of throwback images to celebrate their 23rd anniversary in April 2021.

She penned: "OOHHH GOD I THANK YOU for my best friend, my protector, my everything, 🙌🏾 my husband🙌🏾@teamchancebasketball.

"Wow babe we’ve been thru it all and here we are still standing, TOGETHER!! Im so happy to be your wife and I’m so thankful that God has had his hand on us since 1998!

"23 years together, 18 years married and a lifetime to go!! I LOVE YOU!!! I MISS YOU!!! I can’t wait to get home to you!!! See you soon!! Happy Anniversary!!!"

Do they have children together?

Chance and Tabitha have two children together, daughter Choyce and son Question.

They often appear in Tabitha’s weekly videos entitled, “Very Good Mondays,” where she unboxes packages sent to the family.

She is also the stepmother to Tyleah, Chance's first daughter from a previous relationship.

What did Wendy Williams say about Chance Brown?

After 15 years as a police officer with the Los Angeles Police Department, Tabitha Brown's husband Chance Brown announced his retirement from the force.

On the Wendy Williams Show, Wendy had a less positive take on the situation, and likened Brown's life with her ex-husband Kevin Hunter.

She told the audience, “I was married to one of those, ‘I make the money!’ and so on and so forth. ‘Go live your dreams! Open a business! Go, go, go!’ See how that turned out…I predict that this marriage is going to be on real rocky ground in a moment. ‘Live your dream’… They may invest in stuff and lose the money."

She continued: “They invest in something else then the money gets swindled or stolen. Then they invest again and he comes home and throws his bag down. She’s like ‘What? What?’ And he’s like, ‘I can’t do this and this is your fault. You’re over here making your money and stuff and had me quit my job.’”

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