What happened to Scottish serial killer ‘Bible John’? Where is he now?

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Bible John’s life and crimes were investigated in the BBC’s two-part documentary The Hunt for Bible John. He remains one of Scotland’s most infamous killers, with his crimes still shocking people to this day. He was operating on the streets of Glasgow 50 years ago, with his true identity remaining a mystery for decades.

What happened to Scottish serial killer ‘Bible John’?

Between the years of 1968 and 1969 Bible John was believed to be behind at least three murders in and around Glasgow.

For decades police have tirelessly searched for clues on who could be behind the crimes, with little information coming forward about the individual responsible.

After his third murder, the moniker Bible John began to circulate through the media, giving rise to widespread fear over the attacks. 

The first of his victims was Patricia Docker, a 25-year-old nurse, with her body being found just yards away from her home in Langside Place.

The attack took place on February 13, 1968, and would only prove to be the first in a series of linked killings.

His next murder took place on August 15, 1969, with Jemima McDonald’s body being found in an old tenement building on Mackeith Street in Bridgeton.

She was a 31-year-old mum of three, who had been enjoying a night out until her sister realised she never returned home.

Helen Puttock was found dead later that same year in October, with her body being discovered in her own back garden.

She was 29 years old and had been visiting the Barrowlands with her sister, Jean, prior to her death. 

Bible John’s moniker came about due to Helen and Jean meeting two men during their trip to the Barrowlands, both named John.

The first, known as Castlemilk John left them to get a bus, while Bible John remained with them, opting to take a taxi.

It was reported he told Helen and Jean, “I don’t drink at Hogmanay. I pray,” giving rise to his ominous name.

The reason the police believed one man was responsible for the crimes was that they had all been found in the same area, and all suffered a similar fate.   

They had all been raped and strangled with their stockings, but the police waited before announcing the crimes were connected.

Bible John’s picture is based on a description Jean gave to the police following their meeting in the taxi, setting in motion the manhunt.

Over 5,000 suspects were interviewed in the following years, with over 50,000 statements delivered to the police, though sadly nothing came of it all.

Where is Bible John today?

All the leads the police were working with led to various dead ends, essentially grounding the case to a halt. 

In 1996, police exhumed the body of John Irvine McInnes and compared his DNA to semen samples found from Helen’s stockings.

The results were inconclusive, leading to The Crown clearing McInnes as any involvement with Bible John or the case at large.

It is unlikely the case will ever be solved as most of the eyewitnesses have passed away and DNA evidence is non-existent.

The Hunt for Bible John is available to watch on BBC iPlayer. 

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