What happened between Sean Slater and Tanya Branning on EastEnders?

As is only natural on EastEnders, Sean Slater and Tanya Branning have a complicated past together.

Earlier this week on the soap, Sean (Rob Kazinsky) confessed to his mother a dreadful secret that he’s been carrying around for years – that he was the one responsible for is father’s death.

Indeed, the only other person who Sean ever told this to was Tanya Branning (Jo Joyner).

So what happened between Sean and Tanya to make him trust her so much?

What happened in Sean Slater and Tanya Branning’s past?

Sean and Tanya have a romantic history from way back in the day – almost from the beginning of Sean’s first stint in Walford from 2006 until 2009.

After he decided to stick around to look after his little sister Stacey (Lacey Turner), Tanya caught Sean’s eye and he pursued her.

However, after then-gold-digging Sean caught wind of Ruby Allen’s (Louise Lytton) familial wealth, he started dating her for her money, all the while enjoying multiple trysts with other women on the side.

After Sean rather messily split up with Ruby, his playboy ways continued to get him into trouble, to say the very least.

And that didn’t stop when, in 2008, he finally got together with Tayna.

Sean and Tanya didn’t exactly bring out the best in each other, as together, they plotted to bury Tanya’s estranged and cheating husband Max Branning (Jake Wood) alive.

They almost went through with it too, but Tanya had a last-minute change of heart and dug Max up out of guilt.

She also ended things with Sean, telling him that she actually just used him just to get revenge on Max, even though Sean wanted he, Tanya and her children to be a family.

Sean cared deeply enough for Tanya that, while they were together, he told her his darkest secret – that he was responsible for the death of his father.

Years earlier, when he was just a teenager, Sean punched his dad during an argument and, as a result, his dad suffered a brain hemorrhage the next day and sadly passed away.

Tanya was the only person who knew this dreadful secret, until now that is.

After returning to Walford to try and make amends for all the wrong he’s done over the years, Sean confessed what happened all those years ago to his mother Jean (Gillian Wright).

However he is also planning to take his own life after he’s apologised for his wrongdoings, and with his mum in grave danger – dealing with a cancer diagnosis and now a nasty cut that won’t stop bleeding as a result of the chemotherapy thinning her blood – Sean could very well lose his mother too, which might push the psychologically vulnerable Sean over the edge…

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