‘What do you want him to do!’ GB News host slams guest for attacking Prince Charles

Prince Charles defended by Isabel Webster on GB News

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GB News hosts Isabel Webster and Darren McCaffrey welcomed broadcaster Clare Muldoon onto Saturday’s Great British Breakfast to discuss the morning’s headlines. Clare was not impressed with Prince Charles’ latest call to businesses asking for their help in the fight against climate change however, Isabel defended the Prince of Wales.

Darren remarked: “Whatever you think of him he has been consistent on this, he’s been banging on about green issues all his life.”

“Is it plausible what’s happening now?” Clare asked and Isabel quipped: “What? Climate change?”

“Do we really have to be on this as much as we actually are?” The broadcaster added. 

“The idea is to meet our carbon emissions targets to try and cut the rapid increase in temperature but I’m sensing you’re not convinced by the urgency,” Isabel said. 

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“I’m not convinced generally by the urgency I think we have bigger fish to fry,” Clare continued 

“Prince Charles is saying this is last chance saloon, all this language is very strong.”

“In his defence, he’s not alone on this there was recently a shocking report from the United Nations that said the same thing, code red,” Isabel replied. 

“He’s not on his own, what would we prefer him to be doing? Once he’s the sovereign he can’t be expressing an opinion and it is a worthwhile cause.”

“Well it’s a cause something to do than talk to his plants and Camilla,” Clare swiped.

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