The Only Way is Essex’s Chloe Sims and Jon Clark separated after explosive fight

Tonight’s episode of The Only Way is Essex is business as usual when it comes to explosive drama and fights as the gang head to Brighton for some sun, sea, and squabbles.

It will be Chloe Sims and Jon Clark in the centre of a heated debate tonight, as Chloe calls Jon out for making comments about her to Dean Ralph.

But Jon is not going down without a fight and defends himself against her, which makes the argument even more heated.

In the end, it’s James ‘Arg’ Argent who has to step in and remove Jon from the altercation, before things got really ugly.

Arg is not without storylines in tonight’s episode either, as he brings Gemma Collins down to the seaside to meet his Nanny Brighton.

But will she approve of his choice of girlfriend?

While GC and Arg seem to be going strong, others’ relationships are not looking too good.

Yazmin Oukhellou and James ‘Lockie’ Lock’s relationship seems to be a close to the edge when Yaz breaks down in floods of tears in front of the girls, as she’s worried she doesn’t have support from the rest of the group in her relationship.

She talks to Lockie about her fears and he, needing some advice as well, turns to Pete Wicks for consolation.

Finally, rumours start to circulate that Myles Barnett cheated on his ex girlfriend Courtney Green while they were together, after Bobby Norris reveals to Courtney and Chloe Meadows that he has heard this go round.

Jon and Liam ‘Gatsby’ Blackwell have also helped to circulate these rumours, and after hearing all of this Courtney confronts Myles about what she has heard.

But little does she know, Myles has already been told by Chloe M, Amber Turner and Chloe Lewis about these rumours, and made some pretty shocking confessions to them.

But will he tell Courtney the truth?

The Only Way is Essex airs from 9pm tonight on ITVBe.

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