Watch Kim Kardashian's Telling Reaction When Asked If She's Rooting for Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson

Kim chooses her words carefully answering this one.

Khloe Kardashian, Tristan Thompson and Kanye West were all topics of discussion for Kim Kardashian’s visit to "Live with Kelly and Ryan" this week, whether she liked it or not.

ABC just released two clips from the full interview, which was filmed on Tuesday but will air Friday, in which she spilled a little on her sister’s life in Cleveland after welcoming daughter True just as her baby daddy’s infidelity was exposed online.

"Khloe’s doing, honestly, she’s so focused on her baby. The baby is gorgeous. She’s so happy," Kim answered, before Ryan Seacrest got to the question we really wanted her to answer.

"Is there any part of you, and I know you’ll be honest for this answer, is there any part of you that roots for Khloe and Tristan?" he asked, something inquiring minds just need to know as the two new parents appear to be rekindling their relationship after the scandal.

"I mean … last time I went on TV and answered some questions about her, I got blocked on social media," Kim answered, likely referring to Tristan unfollowing her on Twitter after she called the situation "so f-cked up" on "Ellen" last month "So I’m going to, yes I’m always rooting for her, for love. I’m always rooting for families," she carefully added.

In the second clip from the show, the hosts asked Kardashian how her husband is doing after his recent, controversial tweets and televised meltdown.

"It’s been a light week," Kim responded with a laugh. "He’s doing really good. He’s in Wyoming recording, he has a couple albums coming out so he’s just focused on that. I will say, he gave me my first gray hair this week and I am blaming that on him. No, he’s doing really good."

Kim will be joined by Kris Jenner when the full interview airs Friday on ABC.

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