‘Was a state’ A Place in the Sun’s Scarlette breaks down over transformation on new show

Flipping Fast: Couple devastated at profit made from renovation

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Scarlette Douglas rose to fame on travel property programme A Place in the Sun. However, more recently the expert has teamed up with her brother Stuart as they launched two very different Channel 4 property programmes. Last week, the siblings made their debut with Flipping Fast, and later this year, they are set to launch another makeover show called Worst House on the Street.

Worst House on the Street will see Scarlette and Stuart helping couples and families to transform and makeover their homes.

The duo have travelled around the UK for their new series, and in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, Scarlette and Stuart admitted there were some emotional moments.

“I think for me, I got so emotional because it’s the first time this couple have bought a house together,” Scarlette recalled.

“You know, they’ve saved a lot of money to be able to do it and it was a state.”

The A Place in the Sun star continued: “Stuart and I can walk into a property and we can absolutely visualise how beautiful it can be.

“But just from the journey because we go [to the property] at the very beginning and then a quarter of the way through… three-quarters of the way through and then at the end.

“But going in and then at the end seeing how happy they were and how well it had been finished.

“Just how well they dress the property, how they really put their personality into it and everything, it just comes alive in that room.”

Discussing one big reveal, Scarlette added: “I was so emotional which is funny because I don’t think I’ve been that emotional since Stuart and I have been doing it.

“Maybe the first one [show] I ever did. Now it’s just like, ‘Oh, it’s a normal job’, but going in and seeing how much it meant to them was amazing.”

Stuart, who also works together with Scarlette on their property business, went on to discuss the premise of the show.

The former footballer admitted he and his sister do disagree on some of the transformations.

“We have different design ideas, different interior thoughts, but ultimately, we always know as a duo what is the right decision.

“And when we give our opinions and our advice to the homeowners, we have to remember that it’s their home, it’s not ours, but we can only advise on the choice that they make.

“We have to ensure that we do everything possible to make their choice, the right choice.”

“I would be lying if we agreed on everything,” Stuart admitted. “But I think but in any partnership or any duo, to work and to be successful, you need to have different opinions.

“If everyone said yes and if everyone agreed to the same thing, then you wouldn’t have as opposed conversations and you wouldn’t have the discussions that really can generate levels of design that are there based on questions.

“And if you ask questions and you can discuss that and come to an answer that you’re both happy with, I think that you get the best of both worlds and that’s what works for us.”

He later went on to add: “Scarlette is very loud and colourful and bold and brave, whereas I tend to be less so.”

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4 and Worst House on the Street is expected to air in September.

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