Who Wants To Be A Millionaire geography boffin stumbles over Blackpool question

An ex-geography student who appeared on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? was left squirming in his seat with embarrassment when he was forced to admit he didn’t know where the Blackpool Tower is.

Tom Holmes, who lives in Cornwall and studied geography at A-Level, got stuck just four questions into his hot seat session when new host Jeremy Clarkson asked him which county the famous landmark is located in.

And despite describing himself as a "big traveller", poor red-faced Tom didn’t know the answer.

Clarkson gave him four possible options to pick from in order for Tom to win £500 – Lancashire, Hertfordshire, Somerset and Kent.

"Yeah, I’m not from this part of the world," Tom said nervously. "Erm… I know it’s not Kent or Somerset."

"Well there are people in Arizona that know the answer to that," Jeremy sarcastically chipped in as the audience laughed.

Clearly struggling, Tom battled over the other two options while everyone in the studio stared at him.

"I’m pretty sure it’s Lancashire… I’m just trying to work out where Hertfordshire is," he said as his voice cracked.

Taking pity on him, Clarkson said: "Phew – you’ve won £500."

He then joked about Tom’s "puddle of sweat" on the studio floor.

Tom, who said he’d almost used one of his lifelines on the puzzle, admitted it was much harder to be on the show answering questions instead of being at home watching – but social media users were having none of his excuses.

"Some bloke on #whowantstobeamillionaire wondering if Blackpool tower is in hertfordshire. Strewth give me strength. You can tell the contestants aren’t exactly ex-mastermind level," wrote one.

"Still can’t believe the last lad didn’t know where Blackpool was. Basic geography not taught at his school? And if you’ve moved to London you should really know that Hertfordshire is directly north. Perhaps he doesn’t venture out of Clapham much," said another.

A third quipped: "Is he deliberately playing dumb or is he actually lacking in grey cells? Even a two year old knows that Blackpool tower is up north!"

*Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? returns tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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