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SHE'S one of the busiest women in showbiz, balancing three young children with two hit podcasts and a whole host of media work.

So it's little surprise that Vogue Williams, 37, and husband Spencer Matthews, 34, can struggle squeezing regular date nights into their packed schedules.

Fortunately the couple, who co-host the wildly successful Spencer & Vogue podcast, can use their weekly time behind the mic to have a good chat and a giggle to make up for it.

In an exclusive interview to mark her role as Yankee Candle's first brand ambassador, Vogue lifted the lid on how they keep the spark alive.

"For the two of us, we love going out for meals together when we can," she says. "We actually have not done enough of that lately. We try to do it once a week, but it's not always possible.

"You can be as organised as you want to be, it's not always going to come together."


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Last Sunday, the couple – who are parents to Theodore, four, Gigi, two and Otto, 11 months – enjoyed a date night that was four years in the making when they watched Elton John at the O2 Arena.

Spencer's sister bought them the tickets four years ago but coronavirus put the Rocketman's farewell tour on the back-burner.

"It was a really nice vibe at the concert," says Vogue. "I probably don't go to enough of them, but I love going to shows and stuff like that.

"We decided we're hopefully going to on a Saturday morning once a week we'll go to the gym together and then we'll go for breakfast after. I know that sounds really basic but it's just being able to do little things like that that we enjoy doing."

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At home, Vogue says the couple love the chaos of family life, although they do find themselves rushing about nonstop to snatch a bit of peace and quiet at the end of each day.

She says: "Our house is amazing. I'm making it sound like a mad house, but we kind of love the mayhem of our house.

"Some people walk in and you see their faces change like 'oh my god, this place is wild' but we absolutely love it. We have a really open door policy, you can walk in and anyone can be sat in the kitchen, of our friends obviously not just randoms. There's always people filling up the house."

Vogue previously expressed her desire to have four children by the age of 40, but the demands of life with three kids means that might not happen.

"It was never a really rigid rule," she says. "I don't have an exact rule. People can have kids when they choose to have kids. I just wanted them close together because I'm really close to my brothers, but saying that, it was kind of a shock, the third.

"We're delighted now, but when you go from one to two you can kind of get yourself together a few weeks in, but when I went from two to three I did find it quite a big jump. I was struggling to be able to organise my time. I thought I'll never get out the door ever again. it's so full on, and then you eventually sort it out."

But if she does decided to add to their brood, then there's certainly no 40 deadline.

"Of course if you go beyond 40, so be it," says Vogue. "But in my mind I was thinking I'd love to have four kids and kind of be done when I was 40. I don't know if we'll do four kids. They're really really tiring, and I thought I might be too tired, I kind of want to be chilling out then."

One way Vogue likes to unwind is by lighting a candle and filling her home with dreamy scents.

It's what makes her a perfect brand ambassador for Yankee Candle and its new Signature range.

Vogue says: "I do like to do things to relax. I love having a bath on my own, and I light a candle. Even when I do my podcast, I'll sit in the bedroom and light a candle and it almost feels like a treat, I don't know why. I should do it more, but obviously when the kids are around we have less lit. I have the candle on the go at some point in the day, every day, when I'm trying to find that little peace and quiet moment of my day, usually after 7 o'clock.

"Hand Tied Blooms, which is their newest fragrance, that would be my favourite one. I love the new packaging they have. It's all hand illustrated on the front. It's nice to have a candle on the go, it makes you seem like a grown up, when you're not really. You've got a candle going, nice smells around the house, it looks like you've got your sh*t together."

That, she most certainly has.

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