‘Venom’: Eddie Brock Tries to Negotiate With His Alien Symbiote in First Official Trailer

The first “Venom (2018)” trailer is officially released online after screened at CinemaCon on Monday, April 23. The video shows the origin of the titular antihero, who is also known as Spider-Man’s villain in Marvel Comics.

Tom Hardy‘s Eddie Brock is a journalist who interviews Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), the head of the Life Foundation, an organization in the comics that used the symbiotes to create additional Venom-esque creatures. When Eddie questions Carlton about the research, he is quickly shut down.

Eddie later gets a scoop from an insider, prompting him to visit the lab, where he gets attacked by one of the test subjects. Eddie returns home feeling very sick and he starts to hear voice inside his head. When Carlton’s henchmen come to his apartment to kill him, he discovers his new ability.

The trailer also confirms previous reports that the movie would refer to Eddie and the symbiote as two entities (“we”) which have their own consciousness. In one scene, Eddie is seen trying to negotiate with the symbiote, until he finally embraces it and fully transforms into Venom.

Centering on the Spider-Man villain, “Venom” “is primarily based on the ‘Lethal Protector’ and ‘The Planet of the Symbiotes’ books,” director Ruben Fleischer told the crowd in a video statement to audience at Brazil Comic-Con last December.

“Venom: Lethal Protector” was a limited series in 1993 written by David Michelinie in collaboration with artist Mark Bagley. Brock moves from New York to San Francisco where he’s reinvented as more of antihero instead of a Spider-Man villain. “Planet of the Symbiotes”, meanwhile, was a 1995 story focusing on Brock fighting an army of invading symbiotes — a symbiote being the living alien substance that takes over Brock’s body and transforms him into the vicious wall-crawler.

The script was written by Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner. Michelle Williams stars as Ann Weying, Eddie Brock’s ex-wife, with Jenny Slate, Woody Harrelson, Reid Scott and Scott Haze taking other roles. Villain Carnage is also rumored to appear in the movie, but it has not been confirmed.

The movie is slated to arrive October 5 in the U.S.

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