Vanderpump Rules' Jax Taylor gifts wife Brittany a $5.6K BLUE diamond as push present despite 'owing over $1M in taxes'

VANDERPUMP Rules' Jax Taylor gifted his wife Brittany a $5.6K BLUE diamond as a push present despite "owing over $1M in taxes."

The couple welcomed their first son together last week after 27 hours of labor.

Jax, 41, took to Instagram stories on Sunday to show off the amazing gift he and his newborn son, Cruz, got the woman of the house, Brittany after giving birth.

The Vanderpump Rules shares a picture of a stunning blue diamond inside a box before giving it to her.

The stunning ring is worth over $5,614 and is described as a 14 carat ring.

Brittany's new ring comes she reveled last week that she suffered and screamed for 27 hours following a difficult labor.

The reality star revealed she was "nervous, excited, and definitely ready!" when heading into the delivery room, though she explained how sick she had been the last nine months.

"I have been extremely sick my entire pregnancy but at least he gave me a break the last three weeks from throwing up every day."

The parents gushed about their new addition as Brittany confessed how she had been "dreaming about becoming a mom for [her] entire life."

Jax also shared his "happiness" over Cruz's arrival, adding: "My dad instincts kicked in and everything else in life seems insignificant.

"Watching my wife give birth to my son was absolutely incredible. It's amazing to see what the human body can do. Brittany is the strongest woman I know," he shared sweetly.

Despite their joyful celebration, Brittany's pregnancy was not the most simple venture.

"It wasn't the easiest pregnancy for her but she powered through without any complaints. The respect and love I have for my wife has reached a new level and I am just in awe of her," he praised.

The new mom then explained in detail about her delivery, which was a long, grueling process.

"I was in labor for 26, 27 hours! It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but it was definitely the most beautiful and rewarding thing.

"It was all so amazing and now having him in my arms I couldn't imagine life without him!"

Brittany admitted that both she and Jax cried throughout her son's birth, and that her husband "was amazing during labor, supporting and encouraging [her] the entire time."

Brittany and Jax have also expressed plans to expand their family further, and hope for three kids total.

However, dirty diapers are the least of their problems as Jax owes over $1.2MILLION in both state and federal taxes, according to documents exclusively obtained by The Sun.

According to the court records obtained by The Sun, Jax, 41, currently owes the federal IRS $868,035. 

The ex bartender – whose real name is Jason Michael Cauchi – has an unpaid history that goes back to 2014 – where he continues to owe nearly $23,000 from the tax period ending that year. 

From 2018, the VPR alum continues to have another $198,190 added to his outstanding balance.

As of December 2019 – when Jax and Brittany closed on their pricey California home – the controversial figure had another $646,867 added to his unpaid taxes. 

In a separate document obtained by The Sun, the Michigan native is shown owing the California Franchise Tax Board over $316,571 for the period of 2018-2019.

The state tax lien was just filed on March 10 and notes interest and fees will continue to accrue until the outstanding balance is paid. 

Between federal and state taxes, documents show Jax owes a total of more than $1.2 MILLION in back payments which will continue to increase if not paid. 

The Sun has confirmed with Los Angeles County clerk officials that the taxes remain unpaid. 

A rep for Jax declined to comment on the matter when contacted by The Sun. 

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