'Vanderpump Rules': Does Lala Blow up Scheana and Brock's Secret Wedding?

Did Scheana Shay and Brock Davies secretly marry on Vanderpump Rules? Or did Lala Kent blow their cover, telling James Kennedy, which makes them put it on ice?

Davies wanted to marry Shay in secret during Kennedy and (then) fiancé Raquel Leviss’s engagement party at a beautiful winery. Since he and Shay had been previously married, Davies thought they could do something small and intimate with Tom Sandoval officiating. And while Shay was all in, Sandoval planted a seed of doubt that doing it during Kennedy’s big weekend could backfire.

‘Vanderpump Rules’ cast who knew about the wedding seemed unsure it was a good idea

Davies proposed to Shay after they signed their prenuptial agreement. “The only time we have is when we go away this week,” Davies reasons with Shay about the timing of their wedding. And while Shay and her mother agree they can’t take away Leviss and Kennedy’s big weekend, he explains that they tell no one until much later.

His plan is he, Shay, her mother, Sandoval, and Ariana Madix “sneak away in the morning” for their wedding. Return, say nothing, and continue to celebrate Kennedy and Leviss. “We’ll be secretly married,” he grins at Shay. “No one will know about our little secret.”

Shay and Davies had their license and prenup Shay’s mother points out. “If anyone was to talk it was going to be you,” Davies says to Shay.

“I see no point in waiting to get married,” Shay says in a confessional. “We know this is what we want. Like why not just do it this weekend?”

Tom Sandoval is the one with cold feet about the wedding

And while Shay and Davies are excited, Sandoval expresses concern about officiating the wedding during Kennedy’s big weekend. “I did bring my officiant license,” he tells Madix as they drive to the destination. “But I’m just really starting to have second thoughts about this whole thing.”

“Scheana’s one of my oldest friends in L.A.,” he explains in a confessional. “I wanna do anything I can to make her happy. And James is a really good friend of mine. The last thing I wanna do is be the thing that causes James to go to the dark side. I mean, I don’t wanna be the person that lights the fuse.” Indeed, the group of friends witnessed Kennedy go off on Davies only days earlier, noting that he wasn’t drinking but was still exploding on people.

Sandoval concludes, “I just feel as though I’m stuck between and Brock and a hard place.”

Tom Sandoval isn’t the person that lights the James Kennedy fuse on ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Later, Sandoval tells Davies and Shay he’s nervous and having second thoughts about the secret wedding. Davies doesn’t seem to be worried. “I’m telling you right now, dude I’m really nervous,” Sandoval tells Davies quietly in the corner during a painting party and wine tasting. Davies wonders why. “Like if any of this in any way shape or form gets found out I will f****** freak out,” Sandoval whispers to Davies.

But Davies is confident “we can do this.” Sandoval says in a confessional he’s made his feelings known, so “I’m going to do it for better or for worse.”

That evening, Shay comes to Sandoval and Madix’s room, which is when Sandoval reiterates his pre-wedding jitters. “I’m secretly paranoid about this whole thing,” he tells Shay.

“I love that Tom put that doubt into my mind,” Shay says in a confessional. “Because I already had it. But at the same time, James and Raquel already had a whole weekend in Palm Springs. I can take a little time for myself. Like mom and dad … we gotta tie the knot.”

But previews for the season finale show that Kent is the one who blows the lid off of Shay and Davies’ cover. “I’m like kinda shaking right now,” Kent confides in Kennedy during a dinner party. “Brock and Scheana announced they were planning to get married during this weekend.” Kennedy says nothing but walks toward an unsuspecting Shay.

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