What Tyler Henry Told La Toya Jackson About Michael's Death: 'He Said Things No One Knew But Me' (Exclusive)

Michael Jackson’s sister tells TooFab that Henry is the real deal and it was “definitely” the singer who came through.

La Toya Jackson got some much-needed validation about the events of her brother Michael Jackson’s death during a reading with "Hollywood Medium" star Tyler Henry.

The late icon’s sister appears on the season finale of Henry’s E! series, where the two receive information about how her brother died from the late icon himself. TooFab sat down with the duo to discuss the reading, why they both had some hesitations about it, and what Jackson relayed to the family he left behind.

"I was nervous in the beginning because I didn’t know who was going to come through, or if anybody was going to come through," La Toya told TooFab. "Michael came through right away. The way he came through and Tyler was saying things I knew that it was definitely him, it couldn’t be anyone else but him, which was really nice."

"Sometimes you think to yourself, well people know a little about your life so they’re gonna give you that," she added. "Tyler didn’t do that, he said things that no one knew but me as far as Michael is concerned."

La Toya said she knows there will be skeptics of the reading, but stands by it 100 percent. "They’re gonna say, come on, he already knows about our family and who doesn’t but no, these are things Tyler was telling me that nobody knows," she explained.

"To connect to some of those specific things was really important to me and the pressure dissipating the more I started feeling his essence and communicating with his energy," Henry said of his side of things. "He had so many messages, not only just for La Toya but for his children, and wanting to make sure that they knew he was around. Some of those are private and that’s important as a family unit to be able to hear and that reading will have a ripple affect."

La Toya said she hadn’t shared the results of the reading with the rest of her family yet, but she felt validated by the findings. During the reading, "Michael" put a lot of emphasis on someone leaving him alone during a medical crisis. Though nobody refers to him by name, it’s pretty evident they’re talking about Dr. Conrad Murray. "He’s acknowledging that he should not have been left alone at a time when he was left alone," says Tyler in the sneak peek clip below. "The person who should have been there to monitor wasn’t monitoring and it’s like, I trusted you to be there, I trusted the role that you were supposed to have to help me and you left. Of all times, you should be right here."

"I feel like, when he was abandoned, that would have been an ideal time for him to reach 911, to call for help, to try to get help," Henry continued. "At this time he realized something was wrong while he was alone and that’s when he was conscious and realizing something’s wrong here. I just don’t feel like he had someone to say hey, I’m having a medical emergency, something’s happening. So after I realize, ok there’s something wrong going on in here, there’s this feeling of, oh this medication kicks in. I suddenly become affected by this medicine. And this happens very fast."

Michael Jackson passed away at the age of 50 in 2009 after an overdose of propofol. Murray’s lawyers tried to argue that Jackson self-administered the drug when Murray was out of the room, but a jury found him negligible and guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Murray spent two years behind bars.

"I think what hurts more than anything else is that not only was there a need for someone to be there for him, but there was a trusted person, a person that he trusted, a person that was in that inner circle and that person wasn’t there," La Toya said of the reading. "To hear that, it tears you apart. I wanted to just cry."

La Toya told TooFab that "of course that goes through your mind" that Michael was possibly saying he’d still be alive if Murray hadn’t left the room, but added, "There’s nothing we can do at the moment, is there?"

"There was an awareness of what was done and what wasn’t and it was just simply to clarify the means of what happened in those last moments," added Henry. "When he came through, he wasn’t angry, he wasn’t judgmental, he wasn’t upset, he was just helping answer the question he knew La Toya needed to have answered for her to move on with a deeper sense of peace. He just wanted everyone to be OK and knew by giving that information it would help her."

That’s how she knew it was really her brother they were communicating with. "That really made me feel good because that would be Michael, he would say those things, move on with your life, it’s OK, don’t worry about it, it’s going to be OK, everything’s fine," she said. "It was a smooth transition, he didn’t come through angry or anything, just peaceful."

Before parting from the duo, we had to bring up another reading from the finale, where Jennie Mai’s mother confuses Henry for "Home Alone" star Macaulay Culkin. As Culkin is a good friend of the Jackson family, we had to ask if La Toya also saw the resemblance.

"I do. I certainly do!" she said with a laugh. "I do! It’s funny you mention that, absolutely."

"As I was a little boy, I used to have blonde hair so I really looked like him," added Henry. "As I’ve gotten older, I’ve tried to get away from it. But it’s ok, I’ll take it!"

The season finale of "Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry" airs Wednesday on E!

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