Tuesday Picks: Foreign Correspondent, North Korea's Reality Stars, Catalyst



Sean Dorney returns to Manus Island in Foreign Correspondent.

Sean Dorney returns to Manus Island in Foreign Correspondent.

8pm, ABC

What better guide to village life on Manus Island than Sean Dorney, the man who has spent his life enlightening us about Papua New Guinea? Stricken with motor neurone disease, the reporter makes a return to the tribe of his wife, Pauline, to show a very different side to the place where asylum seekers have languished in our name. He implores us, perhaps one last time, to connect with our closest neighbour.



10pm, SBS

To the Western eye, the South Korean treatment of heart-wrenching back stories from North Korean defectors relayed via a panel show, with tragic details illustrated by pop-up cartoons, may seem grossly insensitive. But you only have to look to our own reality content to realise that we're just as happy with trauma as entertainment. Through this gaudy, yet accessible format, the silenced are at last being heard.



8.30pm, ABC

Paul West (River Cottage Australia) and his expert co-presenters do their best with the somewhat dry material they have to work with, which can be as exciting as a factory tour. But it's worth paying attention to the biotechnology advances and genetic engineering that might alter the way we eat over the coming decade. The good news is that much research is being done to preserve two essential food sources: wine and oysters.

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