Tommy Fury: Love Island star sends viewers into meltdown with tea confession

Love Island has been on screens for the last week and in that time viewers have seen one recoupling, two love triangles, and four newcomers enter the villa. 

But last night, those watching at home were shocked when Tommy Fury revealed he didn’t know how to make a cup of tea. 

It came as his partner Molly-Mae Hague dropped hints to fellow Islander Sherif Lanre about how Tommy can impress her. 

“If Tommy wanted to know what tea I like, it’s peppermint. Just in case he ever wanted to know,” she whispered to Sherif. 

Overhearing her comments, Tommy replied: “I know how to make one, don’t worry about it! Just go and sit down.” 

But as soon as Molly-Mae was out of earshot, Tommy huddled up to Sherif and admitted: “I don’t know how to make a peppermint tea.” 

“Mate are you being serious? You just put the tea bag in?” Sherif exclaimed but Tommy was still none the wiser . 

He asked: “Ok make one for me, please, please. But just make it look like I’m doing it yes?” 

Astounded by his confession, Sherif took this as an opportunity to teach Tommy a basic life lesson. 

Scenes showed the pair gather around the kettle and Sherif instructed: “Put the tea bag in with the tag hanging out, pour the hot water in up to an acceptable level, not to the top, to an inch below. And then just take it over to her and she can take the tea bag out when she wants.” 

Confused, Tommy clarified: “Do I put that [the tea bag] in now?” as Sherif advised: “No or it’ll brew in lukewarm water.”

Watching the event unfold, Anton Danyluk couldn’t help but add to the conversation and remarked: “Your mum does everything for you doesn’t she?” 

ITV2 viewers were gobsmacked by Tommy’s admission and took to Twitter to comment. 

“They are actually helping Tommy make tea! #LoveIsland,” one wrote whilst another said: “Still can’t get over Tommy not knowing how to make a cup of tea, like what the actual f**k #LoveIsland.” 

A third exclaimed: “As if Tommy can’t make a cup of tea… #LoveIsland.” 

But later on in the episode, Tommy revealed his lack of culinary skills when he asked Curtis Pritchard to help him make breakfast for Molly-Mae. 


I don’t know how to make a peppermint tea.

Tommy to Sherif.

Determined to be attentive and impress Molly-Mae, he thought he would attempt to cook an omelette. 

Whispering to Curtis in the kitchen, Tommy said: “I’ve never cooked a f*****g omelette in my life really.” 

Discussing his new friends skills, Curtis told the Beach Hut camera: “Tommy is a very good boxer, and at the moment, that seems about it!|” 

Tonight, viewers will tune to see newcomer Danny Williams go on two dates; one with Yewande Biala and the other with Amber Gill. 

Love Island airs Sunday to Friday at 9pm on ITV2. 

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