TikTok star Addison Rae has dinner with boyfriend Bryce Hall days after ‘confirming relationship with a kissing video’ – The Sun

TIKTOK star Addison Rae and boyfriend Bryce Hall left dinner together in Los Angeles on Sunday after confirming their romance two days before.

The 19-year-old social media sensation was joined by her new man following a PDA-filled clip of the couple kissing over the weekend.

Addison and Bryce, 20, were pictured leaving Boa Steakhouse together in Los Angeles.

The vloggers arrived and left in the same car as the brunette beauty drove behind the wheel.

As she exited her luxury vehicle, the internet personality flashed a peace sign while showing off her new dark locks.

The star flaunted her toned stomach in a red crop top and distressed denim jeans.

Addison also wore a beige face mask as she entered the celebrity hotspot with her beau.

Bryce kept his look casual in a black sweatshirt with his head covered with the hood.

On Friday, Addison released her first TikTok after a two week break and publicly debuted her budding romance.

She celebrated her one year anniversary since she first joined the social media platform in the video.

In the clip, Addison recreates her first ever TikTok and included Bryce – who comes over and gives her a kiss on the cheek.

Speculation of the famous pair's relationship status go back all the way to 2019.

Bryce, 20, told Entertainment Tonight: "We are hanging out. We're still like really good friends.

"We never broke, I mean, we never separated for real bad reasons, you know?

"Like we were just busy doing our own things.”

He added: "Now with quarantine, [we're] not so busy.

"Not saying anything but we're really good friends.”

The rumors came to a head in the last couple of weeks, as Addison seemingly disappeared and stayed away from social media all while rumors of her being pregnant swirled.

Bryce himself had to take it to YouTube to clear up the rumors.

He explained: "Let me just clear it up. She’s not pregnant.”

"I don’t know why that’s a thing, but she’s definitely not pregnant.”

Referring to the dancer not being seen, he added: "No comment on that. I mean, she's fine, just know that.”

Who is Addison Rae and what does she do on TikTok?

TikTok star Addison Rae has come under fire for allegedly making her skin look darker in her social media videos.

She has amassed over two billion views on the app but fans have been left wondering if she is in hospital after being noticeably absent form the site.

Addison joined the app in 2019 and began uploading dance videos to popular songs.

She amassed so many views that she signed to talent agency, WME.

People have taken to Twitter to complain about Addison using darker makeup in her social media posts.

In the clip, which was reportedly deleted shortly after she posted it, she is getting her makeup done and her skin appears to be considerably darker than it usually is.

Addison has been part of the TikTok collaborative group The Hype House since 2019, alongside other app users.

While people wondered where Addison was, a controversial past posts of hers made their way to the forefront again as people accused her of "blackfishing."

In a now deleted Snapchat video, Addison is seen getting her makeup done.

In the clip, her skin appears to be considerably darker than it usually is.

Addison was also involved in a Black Lives Matter scandal, which had the teen star reposting a video focusing on All Lives Matter.

She wrote on Twitter: "Four years ago, I reposted a video which included a woman sharing her thoughts on Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter that I should not have.

"Because of my privilege, I didn't understand and wasn't educated enough on the social injustices facing the Black community.

"All lives CANNOT matter until Black lives do. The Black community continues to be oppressed and damaged by systemic racism.

"I see my mistakes and am committed to learning from them."

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