Tiger King's Carole Baskin reveals plans for her own TV show after Netflix fame

TIGER King's Carole Baskin has revealed plans for her own television show.

The big-cat rights activist, 59, shot to fame on the Netflix reality show with private zoo operator Joe Exotic.

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She appeared on the latest edition of Dancing with the Stars in September and has now prepared fans for another foray on to the small screen.

Carole sent an email to her followers to celebrate the end of her breakout year and vowed to continue fighting for cat abuse to come to an end.

She wrote: "I’m in negotiations for a TV show series on the work we do to end big cat abuse and to write my memoirs."

Baskin previously told The Daily Star she had plans for her own show and will use the platform to bring more animal abusers to justice.

She shared: "I would love to do a show where I would be going after the animal abusers, bringing them to justice and then hopefully getting the animals into accredited sanctuaries."

Following the release of Tiger King, the CEO of Big Cat Rescue, Carole received a barrage of criticism and hate messages, and even death threats.

She explained: "My phone was ringing, and it rang every two minutes for three months straight.

“Every time I answered the phone, it was somebody screaming threats and saying they wanted to kill me, they wanted to kill my family, they wanted to kill the cats. Our lives were just a living hell."

However it was all worth it for Carole as doing the show helped raise awareness on animal abuse.

Earlier this month Carole appeared on an episode of Loose Women and claimed she never 'trash-talked' Joe Exotic.

Appearing on Loose Women today, Carole said: "Joe and I have never had a conversation.

"We still have never had a conversation, so if they were selling the idea of it being this big feud, they certainly had plenty of footage of Joe trash talking me, but they couldn’t get me to trash talk him.

"I never said anything nasty about him personally.”

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