This 'NCIS' Star Was The Last to Know That Cote de Pablo's Ziva Was Returning for Season 17

NCIS fans were shocked when Cote de Pablo returned as Ziva David in the season 16 finale — and they weren’t the only ones. In a new interview, NCIS star Diona Reasonover revealed that producers did not tell her about Ziva’s return until after the season finale aired. Not only was the actress the last cast member to find out about the bombshell cameo, but fans on the East Coast knew about it before her as well.

Reasonover opens up about Ziva’s return to ‘NCIS’

NCIS producers kept dePablo’s return last season tightly under wraps. The actress was brought to thestudio late one night after everyone else had finished filming.

Only a skeleton crew and Mark Harmon (Gibbs) knew that she was doing a scene. The rest of the cast of NCIS found out about Ziva’s return a few weeks ahead of the season 16 finale, everyone except Reasonover that is.

In a new interview with DigitalSpy, Reasonover revealed that she was kept in the dark about de Pablo’sinvolvement in season 16 until after the finale aired. So fans on the East Coastactually knew that Ziva was back before she did!

“I feel like everyone knew but me!” Reasonover shared. “Notonly did I find out after probably all the cast and crew, but I found out afterthe East Coast too, because I had been watching on West Coast time.”

Luckily, this season was a little different for Reasonover. Theactress was there for de Pablo’s first table read with Harmon and wasn’t keptcompletely out of the loop.

Ziva’s storyline was the focal point for the first two episodesof season 17, and the character is expected to make a few more appearancesbefore the season is out.

In fact, NCIS producershave confirmed that Ziva will be back in action for two more episodes, thoughexact details have not been revealed.

What does Reasonover know about Ziva’s storyline?

Although Reasonover was present for de Pablo’s return this season on NCIS, she does not know what’s ahead for the character. The actress admitted that producers pretty much don’t tell her anything outside of her own character, which means she doesn’t even know when Ziva will be back in action.

She did, however, compliment de Pablo for her acting skills inthe reading room and said that she cannot wait to work with her again.

That said, there is no telling what will happen to Ziva movingforward and it’s entirely possible that Reasonover and de Pablo will not crosspaths again this season.

We hope that is not the case and that the characters share morescenes, but at this point, anything could happen.

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Meanwhile, Reasonover also teased what’s in store for hercharacter this season on NCIS. The actress revealed that her character,Kasie, will get an episode all to herself this season, in which the series willdive into her past. We’ll also get to meet a few of Kasie’s friends, as herpersonal and professional lives collide in the future installment.

Reasonover joined NCISin season 16 following Pauley Perrette’s departure. Perrette played the part ofAbby Sciuto since the beginning of the show and was a fan favorite before herexit. Reasonover had some big shoes to fill, but she’s done an amazing job sofar.

Does anyone know what’s ahead for Ziva on ‘NCIS’?

Given how the entire cast was left in the dark last season, somefans believe that producers are doing the same thing this season. We alreadyknow that Reasonover has no idea what’s in the cards for Ziva, yet nobody elsehas said anything about it either.

If producers wanted to keep Ziva’s storyline a secret, keeping the cast in the dark would be one way to do it. We do not know why producers are keeping such a tight lid on Ziva’s arc this season, but it could have something to do with potential reunions. Ever since her resurrection last season, fans have been hoping to see Ziva reunite with her long-lost lover, Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly).

Producers have not confirmed Weatherly’s return to NCIS, but there is still plenty of timeto get the characters together.

Fans can watch Reasonover in action when new episodes of NCIS air Tuesday nights on CBS.

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