This Morning's Phillip Schofield gives EXTRA £1,000 to big-hearted Spin To Win player after they gave prize to charity

THIS Morning's Phillip Schofield gave an extra £1,000 to a Spin To Win player who gave her prize money to charity.

Big-hearted Sureka from Newcastle won a jackpot of £2,000 on the game but then asked for half the money to be given away to charity.

The host was so moved by the gesture that he then gave her another grand so she didn't lose out.

Geordie Sureka asked Phillip, 59, after the big win: "Can I ask for a favour please?

"Can I ask for £500 of the money to be given to Parkinson's UK and also £500 to be given to Lewy Body Dementia Society, please?"

Phillip said she could, asking: "Why is that, why did you pick those?"

She replied: "For my parents." Phillip asked: "Are they OK?" and she told him: "No. No, they're not."

He said: "All right well what we've decided we're going to do is you've got your £2,000 but we're going to give you an extra thousand pounds to give to your charity.

"So you still get your money, OK?"

She told the pair: "Thank you so much, I appreciate it" while co-host Holly Willoughby told her: "I'm glad we called you today."

Spin To Win, which is played most days on This Morning, sees callers take home up to £3,000 on the spin of a wheel or the roll of a tombola.

After answering their phone with a pre-agreed phrase they get a shot at winning a cash prize.

Sureka took the unusual step of having her prize selected from a random selection of balls picked out by Holly but it worked out for her – and her two favourite charities.

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