This Is Us: Who Is 'Her'? Join TVLine's In-Depth, Ongoing Investigation

All right, This Is Us fans, it’s time to make “her” story.

Ever since the Season 2 finale, when the NBC drama showed a flash-forward that indicated a female character referred to only as “her” was maybe not doing so well, we’ve been wondering who the heck it could be. Our curiosity was stoked even more by Tuesday’s season premiere, in which the mystery woman was referenced once more.

So in the spirit of trying to figure it all out, we decided to launch an her-oic investigation… but we need your help.

To get things started, we’ve gathered a few hints from what’s been shown on screen so far. We’ll update the gallery below any time the show delivers new information, so make sure you bookmark this page and check back frequently throughout the season.

Here’s where you come in: TVLine readers are the absolute best at catching things others don’t, especially when it comes to solving TV-related riddles. So if you see or hear something that we don’t during an episode, make sure to shout it out in the comments or tweet me @kimroots: If your tip is a good one, it’ll be included (with credit!) in our updates.


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