There are a TON of Major Differences in the New Live-Action 'Mulan'

Not sure what your plans are for this weekend other than wearing a mask, wondering when this hell year will end, and praying that aliens will just abduct you already—but Disney’s live-action Mulan just dropped on Disney+ and critics are calling it one of the best live-action Disney films ever made. So…might as well apologize to your credit card and drop that $30.

While 2020’s Mulan, starring actress Liu Yifei (aka Crystal Liu), tells the same essential story as its animated predecessor, the films are actually very different. Let’s get into it—but first, I’ll give you a moment to stare at yourself in a nearby body of water and whisper-scream “WHOOOO IS THIS GIRL I SEE STARING STRAIGHT BACK AT ME.” Kay, cool.

It’s Not a Musical

The decision to nix the music from the live-action Mulan was met with some backlash, but fear not: the soundtrack has instrumental versions of the classic songs (you can hear “Reflection” in the trailer below).

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