'The Wanting Mare' Trailer: A Gorgeous Dose of Sci-Fi Futurism

It’s my job to cover the entertainment world, and one of my favorite things is when a fascinating-looking project seemingly comes out of nowhere and surprises me with its existence. Such is the case with The Wanting Mare, an intriguing science fiction film written and directed by Nicholas Ashe Bateman that was filmed almost entirely in a warehouse in Paterson, New Jersey. But you wouldn’t know it from this trailer, which showcases a futuristic, expansive world which made me want to watch this movie immediately. Check out the dazzling new trailer below.

The Wanting Mare Trailer

After making waves on the film festival circuit last year, Gravitas Ventures will release The Wanting Mare to the public next month. Bateman, a visual effects artist who has worked on movies like Free Solo, Wendy, and the upcoming The Green Knight, spent five years working on this movie, which marks his feature directorial debut.

Here’s the synopsis:

If that sounds ambitious, that’s because it is. And that’s only the start: Bateman envisions this as “the first, intimate chapter in a long line of films about the people, places, and legends of Anmaere,” which means that as long as he can find financing, we might be about to enter a whole new cinematic universe here. And considering this one is a lower-budget, filmmaker-driven, independent universe that doesn’t have to meet any requirements of selling toys or setting up spin-offs, I’m very excited about the prospects here. But before we put the cart before the horse, let’s see if this first movie has the goods.

The Wanting Mare hits VOD and available theaters on February 5, 2021, along with a half-hour documentary about the making of the movie.

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