‘The Punisher’ New Season 2 Teaser Sees Billy Russo Returning as Jigsaw

AceShowbiz -Netflix has unleashed a new teaser for the upcoming season 2 of “The Punisher” for viewing pleasure. The 1-minute footage features Frank Castle a.k.a. the titular character (Jon Bernthal) returning with more determination in the action-packed sophomore season.

“After I lost my family, everything changed,” Frank says in voiceover. “Everytime I want to be someone different, that’s when the wrong people get hurt.” The next scene later sees a woman, who seems to be Frank’s new love interest, gets shot in her chest in a bloody fight. “I hate killing… but I got to get involved,” he continues.

That’s when Frank decides to quickly strap the bulletproof vest back on. Despite getting warned for being “out of control,” the Marvel anti-hero keeps showing no mercy to those who hurt him and the people he loves.

The teaser also teases the return of Frank’s former friend Billy Russo (Ben Barnes). Transforming into the villain Jigsaw, Russo and his army will be the new threat for Frank. At the end of the video, Frank seemingly has come to terms to his role as The Punisher. Instead of turning away from his past, he will embrace it as he vows to “end” everything.

After Netflix canceled “Marvel’s Iron Fist“, “Luke Cage” and “Daredevil“, fans were delighted when the first teaser of “The Punisher” season 2 was dropped earlier this month. However, the relief may not last long since fans assume that it is unlikely for “The Punisher” to return for season 3.

Fans seemingly think that the reason why the streaming giant keeps forward with the second season of “The Punisher” is because it was already well into production and canceling it may cost them more money.

Eitherway, “The Punisher” season 2 is set to premiere on Friday, January 18 on Netflix.

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