The Pact viewers convinced Tish is the killer after spotting VERY worrying alibi clue

THE Pact viewers are convinced Tish is the killer after a very concerning clue about her alibi.

The BBC One drama sees five friends bound together by a fragile pact of silence after that fateful night in the woods.

The Pact saw things begin to unravel for the four brewery workers, who had played a prank on their young boss Jack by tying him up in the woods after a work party.

However, when they returned, he was dead and the police are slowly but surely closing in on them and their secret.

But viewers are now suspicious of Tish, who was very quick to give Cat an alibi when she told her what they had done on last night's episode.

Now many believe the reason Tish done this is to give herself an alibi because she is the murderer.

One viewer tweeted: "Tish has just jumped to the top of the list for the murder. By being Cat's alibi she gives herself an alibi too. #ThePact."

Another penned: "Well, none of these three, nor Nancy, did it; so, unless there is a ridiculous twist, it must have been Tish – who is really just setting up her own alibi. #ThePact."

A third fan wrote: "I reckon Tish killed him!"

While a fourth user declared: "#thepact i’m going for Tish she did it!!!!"

Anna, had a shock twist to deal with in last night's episode when she made a shock discovery.

After confessing what they had done to her police officer husband Max, Anna discovered her teenage daughter Tam had ran away from home.

She was later discovered at her friend – and fellow member of The Pact – Nancy's house, and an argument ensued.

Tam suddenly blurted out: "I'm pregnant!" leaving her mother shocked.

Could she also be in the frame for Jack Evans' murder?

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