'The Offer': The Difficulties in Bringing the 'Godfather' Story to the Small Screen

The Offer details the story of the challenges faced to bring Mario Puzo’s book The Godfather to the big screen. However, the Paramount+ limited-run series also faced production difficulties. Subsequently, The Offer appeared to mirror some of the legendary stories that loomed larged over the original production. Here are some of the issues The Offer met during filming.

What is ‘The Offer’ about?

The Offer chronicles the story of two-time Oscar-winning producer Al Ruddy’s experience making the iconic 1972 film The Godfather. The movie was directed by Francis Ford Coppola directed and adapted with Mario Puzo from Puzo’s bestselling novel.

Den of Geek reported that Paramount optioned the book’s rights in 1967 after Puzo wrote 60 pages of his manuscript. 

However, before the film became the iconic and beloved cinematic experience it is today; the idea was nothing more than a proposal brought to the door of film producer Albert S. Ruddy. He saw a film that had the potential to make a massive profit for Paramount Studios. However, there were certain key hurdles to overcome.

These included finding a director, writing a script, and dealing with the underworld figures who threatened to shut down production.

The Offer tells the backstory of those who thought The Godfather would bring humiliation to American and Italian culture.

The Godfather forever changed the lives of those associated with it. These now legendary names include Al Pacino, Marlon Brando, Puzo, Ruddy, Diane Keaton and James Caan.

Made on a $6 million budget, The Godfather also came in ahead of schedule.

The family drama broke records as the first movie to rake in $1M a day in theaters upon its release reported The New York Times.

Armie Hammer left the film after a social media scandal

Deadline reported that actor Armie Hammer left the movie in January 2021.

The actor departed the production after allegations Hammer sent private, explicit social media messages to multiple women.

Hammer was to have played Ruddy in the Paramount+ series.

At the same time, Hammer removed himself from the project Shotgun Wedding with Jennifer Lopez and the Starz movie Gaslit, starring Julia Roberts, Sean Penn, and Joel Edgerton.

However, Hammer’s departure left The Offer without a lead.

Subsequently, The Offer hired actor Miles Teller, star of the upcoming film Top Gun: Maverick.

Not only did Teller star in the film, but he also was an executive producer.

A boycott of a critical location shoot halted ‘The Offer’ production schedule

In Aug. 2021, The Offer prepared to film scenes at the legendary Chateau Marmont Hotel in Los Angeles.

However, producers aborted plans to shoot at the venue due to an ongoing labor dispute at the property.

The Offer producers stood in solidarity with workers.

Former Chateau Marmont workers launched the boycott in February 2021 reported Deadline.

The Chateau Marmont is a hotel that celebrities have favored for decades.

Subsequently, Led Zeppelin’s late drummer, John Bonham, reportedly drove a Harley Davidson motorcycle through the hallway of the hotel in the 1970s.

John Belushi overdosed in one of the hotel’s bungalows in 1982.

Filming of ‘The Offer’ halted due to COVID

In July 2021, The Offer suspended filming due to a positive test within production.

“Out of an abundance of caution, we have temporarily halted production on The Offer due to the return of a positive coronavirus test result during routine testing,” a rep for series producer Paramount Television Studios said in a statement to Deadline.

The Offer cast includes Teller, Matthew Goode (Robert Evans), Giovanni Ribisi (Joe Colombo), Colin Hanks (Barry Lapidus), Dan Fogler (Francis Ford Coppola), Juno Temple (Bettye McCartt), Burn Gorman (Charles Bluhdorn), Justin Chambers (Marlon Brando), Patrick Gallo (Mario Puzo), Anthony Ippolito (Al Pacino), Josh Zuckerman (Peter Bart), Meredith Garretson (Ali MacGraw), Nora Arnezeder (Francoise Glazer), Paul McCrane (Jack Ballard), Anthony Skordi (Carlo Gambino), Jake Cannavale (Caesar), James Madio (Gino), Michael Rispoli (Tommy Lucchese), Stephanie Koenig (Andrea Eastman), Lou Ferrigno (Lenny Montana), Frank John Hughes (Frank Sinatra) and Danny Nucci (Congressman Mario Biaggi).

The Offer‘s first three episodes are currently available to stream on Paramount+.

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