The Masked Singer: Mushroom’s identity exposed as Bargain Hunt favourite? Clues you missed

The Masked Singer: Mushroom starts off the new series

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Series three of The Masked Singer kicked off on New Year’s Day 2022 with twelve new contenders tucked away inside their lavish costumes. So far in the ITV talent show, vocalist Heather Small was revealed as Chandelier and Loose Woman star Gloria Hunniford as Snow Leopard. Ten disguised celebrities now remain and will battle it out in the competition. While fans attempt to identify the ITV performers, believe Mushroom is a hidden Bargain Hunt star and here is why. 

In the first clue package, Mushroom was seen in the woodland.

In the opening VT, the hidden celebrity began: “As a mushroom, I’m quite mellow and carefree, but I have been known to sprout in the most serious part of the forest, from time to time.”

“Did you know that mushrooms help control life in the woods, they can help things decay and bring new life, which is just like me, I like to start new things and try new lives.

The hidden star continued: “In fact, when mushrooms pop their heads above the ground, they can take many forms and as they grow they might want to be any number of things.”

In the midst of the VT, Mushroom had hold of a gavel to which the panel began to speculate. 

Comedian Jonathan Ross pointed out: “A gavel, an auctioneer’s hammer!” 

To which singer Rita Ora questioned: “Maybe it’s a judge?”

Bargain Hunt host Natasha Raskin Sharp, who has also worked on BBC’s Antiques Road Trip, Flog It! and For What It’s Worth, is an auctioneer at McTear’s. 

The 35-year-old presenter was born into a family of art enthusiasts from Glasgow, including her father and contemporary artist Phillip Raskin.

The TV auctioneer began her career training as a lawyer at the University of Leeds but left the course after a month, the Mushroom was holding a gavel that could symbolise her work as an auctioneer and her interest in the subject of law.

After taking a break from her studies, she then went to the University of Glasgow to study the History of Art.

With a regular slot on BBC Radio Scotland, the antiques expert has her very own show, selecting eclectic music mixes to play out to her listeners.

Natasha’s talent doesn’t stop there as the DJ has also revealed she planned to open a restaurant, as she has a passion for food. 

In a previous interview, the art specialist said she spent her spare time “eating delicious food”.

With a wide range of hobbies and talents, this would go back to the Mushroom’s clue of taking “many forms” and wanting to be “a number of things”.

There is also the link between her love for food and the fact she is dressed as an edible mushroom.

An alarm with the number 01:28 was shown which is yet to be explained but theorises it could symbolise her time on Bargain Hunt. 

During a classic episode of the hit BBC show, Natasha was left in hysterics as not one of the eight objects selected by both teams made a profit. 

While the red and blue teams competed against each other to make the most money at auction, unfortunately, none of the contestants made a profit.

The blue team made a loss of £156 and the red team made a loss of £128, which could be relevant to the alarm show on the VT, as a memorable highlight she shares on the long-standing auction show.

The art expert has also been quoted saying one of her most memorable finds was watercolour on Portobello Road which could also be a reason behind her choice of costume.

Opening the first episode on Saturday, Mushroom performed Bjork’s It’s Oh So Quiet, to which Express Online knows the star has an eclectic music interest, which is why she chose Bjork as her first choice.

Betfair bookmakers have already added the latest figures for rumoured celebrities. 

Mushroom has been linked with comedian Aisling Bea with her odds at 5/6, Laura Whitmore (5/2), Siobhan McSweeney (7/1), Vicky McClure (10/1) and Rebel Wilson (12/1).

But who really is hiding behind the Mushroom? All will soon be revealed.

The Masked Singer airs on Saturdays at 7pm on ITV.

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