The Last Kingdom’s Eliza Butterworth admits co-star Alexander Dreymon ‘blows me away’

Alexander Dreymon thanks fans as The Last Kingdom wraps

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Netflix’s hit historical drama The Last Kingdom came to an end in March after it first landed on screens in 2015. Reflecting on the series, Queen Aelswith star Eliza Butterworth paid a special tribute to Alexander Dreymon and shared her admiration for the actor who portrayed Uhtred of Bebbanburg.

After five seasons of bloodthirst battles and power struggles The Last Kingdom met its powerful finale.

Throughout the series, viewers watched as Uhtred (played by Alexander Dreymon) fought for his birthright after learning the land of Bebbanburg was rightfully his.

As a result, he was also forced to confront his conflicting loyalties as he was born a Saxon and raised a Dane.

Following the show’s finale, Eliza Butterworth gave props to the actor during an interview with the Screen Chronicles Podcast.

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The actress stated: “I’m going to first and foremost say it, Alexander Dreymon is the most sensational actor I think I’ve ever watched in my life.

“I was watching every episode and going ‘what can he not do,’ because when he feels the feels, he feels the feels and you feel it with him.

“If somebody dies, when anything happens, all the deaths that you think Uhtred has experienced throughout his entire life is momentously horrific.

“Yet the guy still has all the compassion to carry on and fight for people that often don’t even see his value.”

Eliza continued: “Alexander just blows me away and I just have to say it because he is our lead character and is just mind-blowing.”

As well as praising her co-star for his portrayal, she also revealed he was just as intentional behind the scenes.

She continued: “He even directed episode two, he has been at the front of everything, all the decisions in the show, like where characters go, he’s so active in the entire story.”

The actress then squealed with glee as she shared that the author Bernard Cornwall who wrote the novels the series was adapted from, also dedicated his final book to Alexander.

The 28-year-old added: “He’s the hardest working person, in all the battles he just doesn’t stop, he’s just go go go.

“He just blows me away, I honestly can’t get over it,” she concluded.

Alexander undoubtedly made an impact on set as Finan star Mark Rowley also sang his praises in a separate interview as he detailed what he was like as a director.

He said: “He would sometimes be doing a scene with you, and he would be thinking as the actor and the director at the same time.”

Then remarked: “Honestly, I think he’s some sort of robot, he is a superhuman and a fantastic guy.”

Thankfully for fans, they will soon be able to see more of Alexander on screens as Uhtred.

He will reprise his role for the show’s feature film ‘Seven Kings Must Die.’

As production for the movie wrapped up in March, the expected premiere could be as soon as later this year or in early 2023.

The Last Kingdom is available on Netflix.

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