The House cast: Who stars in Netflix comedy series?

The House is an animated dark comedy set in the same disturbing house but in different eras. The Netflix series will follow each of the owners’ stories and delve into the mysteries of their home. has everything you need to know about the cast of The House.

Who stars in The House on Netflix?

Raymond – Matthew Goode

Raymond struggles with alcoholism after failing to bring prosperity back to his former wealthy family following his dad gambling away the fortune.

But a chance encounter leads to Raymond making some big decisions that could seal his family’s fate.

Raymond is played by actor Matthew Goode who stars as Matthew Clairmont in A Discovery of Witches.

Some of his other roles have been in The Crown, Downton Abbey, Silent Night, Ordeal by Innocence and The Good Wife.

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Rosa – Susan Wokoma

Rosa is a cat with big plans for the house but things keep going wrong.

As the water level continues to rise, she must choose whether to pursue her passion project or ditch it altogether.

Actress Susan Wokoma has starred in Crazy Head, Chewing Gum, Porters, Year of the Rabbit and Truth Seekers.

Wokoma is going to portray DI Eve Preston in BBC One drama Rules of the Game as well.

Jen – Helena Bonham Carter

Jen is Rosa’s Bohemian friend who encourages her to examine her life further.

She is voiced by actress Helena Bonham Carter who has starred in a plethora of shows and films during her career.

Some of which include the Harry Potter franchise, Sweeney Todd, The Crown, Les Misérables, The King’s Speech and Enola Holmes.

Bonham Carter will star as Crossroads actress Noele Gordon in the ITV mini-series Nolly this year.

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The Developer – Jarvis Cocker

The Developer is described as an “unlucky rat struggling with his mental health”.

He is overly stressed and things only get worse when he runs into some giant beetles in disguise but what do they want?

Taking on the part of The Developer is actor and composer Jarvis Cocker.

He was the lead singer of the band Pulp and has featured in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Fantastic Mr Fox and Children of Men.

Cosmos – Paul Kaye

Cosmos is seen to be Rosa’s spiritual guide, keeping calm even when she begins to lash out at him.

Actor Paul Kaye plays Malcolm Donahue in Vera and has also been in The Watch, After Life, Year of The Rabbit, The Stranger and Zapped.

Other cast members include:

Mabel – Mia Goth

Penny – Claudia Blakley

Elias – Will Sharpe

The House premieres on Friday, January 14, on Netflix.

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