The Chase star Darragh Ennis admits ITV show is a ‘side gig’

The Chase: Darragh Ennis jokes he’s ‘being scammed’

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The Chase star became a fan-favourit after his first appearance on the show and has stayed the same since. However, Darragh’s day-to-day life is a bit different to the glitz and glam of the ITV quiz show as he works as an entomologist and neuroscientist.

Darragh stars alongside Mark Labbettt, Shaun Wallace, Anne Hegerty, Paul Sinha and Jenny Ryan who share the top seat.

However, Darragh admitted that The Chase was a “side job” for him and is able to easily balance his work life and personal life.

He explained to “The chase is only a tiny part of my work life, I spend more time working on my other job as a scientist way more.

“So the end of the week I will be in the lab, so that is way more difficult to balance, my second job is more challenging than that.

“So yeah I just make time for it whenever I can, this is my side gig, I make time for this.”

Darragh came onto the show after the other Chasers had made their mark and had a reputation with the viewers.

When asked whether there were any challenges he faced when first joining the show, Darragh explained: “There was quite a big gap in time making that step and me being on camera, and the major one is that I didn’t grow up here.

“So things that British people just know, I didn’t know. Things that would be considered very easy for a British person, were very difficult for someone who wasn’t born here.

“Stupid things like where do the motorways go or what county is something in, I didn’t know it so I had to do a lot of work on that.

“Oh, and I am also terrible at pop culture. I am really bad at soaps and modern music and all of that kind of stuff so I had to get a lot of work in and get a lot of help.”

Daragh went on to explain that the atmosphere when first arriving on the show was welcoming and has continued to be that way through his time on the show.

“I think it is the atmosphere, everybody who works in front and behind the camera, we all are really friendly, happy and there is lots of joking and laughing.

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“So it is a lovely place to work as well as being a brilliant show. We all have a laugh and I bribe people with biscuits and doughnuts to keep everyone happy.”

Last year, fans were concerned at Darragh’s absence from the show and claimed he had “disappeared”.

However, he put their minds at rest when he spoke to The Sun and admitted that it was due to scheduling difficulties.

He said: “So whenever we have repeats because we’re not at the point of repeating the shows that I was on – they’re going back to older shows – people keep thinking I’ve been sacked or whatever.

“And it’s like ‘No, I’m not I’m still on the show.’ And because there are six of us now it means that one of us doesn’t appear on any given week.

“Sometimes we have twice a week but it’s kind of rare. So you could have over two weeks before you appear and people think ‘Oh, it’s been forever’.”

“So if you appear on a Monday one week and Friday the next, they’re like ‘They’re gone’ and it’s like ‘No, it’s scheduling.’.”

The Chase airs weekdays from 5pm on ITV.

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