The Chase: Shaun Wallace warns player ‘I do the explanations’ in tense ITV spat

The Chase: Shaun asks contestant ‘are you after my job?’

Tina, Mervin, Val and Jim were the four budding quizzers hoping to take some serious cash home on Monday’s The Chase. To do so, however, they’d have to outsmart Shan Wallace, with Bradley Walsh on hand once more to provide the questions. And the ITV host oversaw a rather comical moment a few questions into Tina’s round when she flexed her knowledge – much to Shaun’s disdain.

Having racked up a respectable £5,000 in her cash-builder, the stage was set for Tina to give Shaun a run for his money.

And she certainly did just that, making it back to the Final Chase and adding the four-figure sum to the prize pot.

But this wasn’t without some rather tense and cheeky back and forth with the Chaser, especially when he claimed Tina was “after his job” when she showed off her knowledge.

One which prompted a warning from Shaun came when Bradley asked: “Who rules a state that is a xenocracy?”

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The possible answers were: A) Foreigners, B) Landowners, or C) Everyone.

Tina opted for answer ‘A’ before delving into the details of exactly why.

“I get xenophobia from xenocracy, which is a fear of foreigners” she explained as she laid out her thinking.

“Is it?!” Bradley hastily replied, in shock as he was unaware of the meaning.

“I didn’t know that,” Bradley added before seeing if Tina was right – which she, of course, was.

But after being left with little to add following Tina’s explanation, Shaun made his feelings known.

After answering the same, he hit out: “You after my job?!”

Shaun’s swipe brought laughs from Tina and the ITV audience but he wasn’t done there.

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The Chaser warned tongue-in-cheek: “I do the explanations around here, okay?”

But Tina wasn’t going to sit idly by as she also hit back: “Not if I know the answer.”

Tina continued to show off her knowledge throughout their round and made it back to the Final Chase.

Sadly the same couldn’t be said about fellow contestants Jim and Mervin.

Both were caught leaving Val and Tina as the pair to take on Shaun for the jackpot of £10,000.

Despite their best efforts, however, Shaun continued his fine form into the last round.

Tina and Val were sent home empty-handed as Shaun caught their target with 28 seconds to spare.

The Chase continues weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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