The Chase fans in uproar as player repeats embarrassing Shaun Wallace mistake ‘Wrong!’

The Chase: Contestant repeats Shaun Wallace’s answer

Bradley Walsh returned with a new batch of budding quizzers for Monday evening’s programme, with Judi, Jenny, Che and Elaine up to try and win some money off of Shaun ‘The Dark Destroyer’ Wallace. However, with only Judi making it through to the Final Chase this evening, she, unfortunately, failed to take home the jackpot of £4,000. But those watching at home couldn’t help but comment on a blunder she made in a crucial pushback opportunity in which she repeated Shaun’s answer of “The Avengers” moments after host Bradley declared it incorrect.

It soon became clear Shaun was on decent form after quickly eliminating the first two players, Elaine and Jenny. 

Elaine had chosen to go big and go for the high offer early on but it didn’t pay off. 

Jenny was eliminated next after playing it safer with the middle offer of £2,000 – which she had accumulated in her cash-builder round.

But she also failed to make it through to the Final Chase, leaving only Judi and Che with an opportunity to make it all the way.

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Despite his good form, Shaun declared: “I’m not taking anything for granted, I think Judi’s a good player.”

“How do you know?” Bradley asked, with Shaun reminding the host Judi was a “former teacher”.

Judi made it through, deciding to stick with her £4,000 cash-builder offer but Che didn’t have so much luck.

After going for a whopping £56,000, he was knocked out before making it back to his team. 

The Chase: Shaun Wallace says he ‘almost’ put correct answer

But when it came to the Final Chase, Judi made a good crack at her solo outing, racking up 14 steps ahead of the Chaser. 

However, when it came to one crucial pushback opportunity, Judi made a huge blunder. 

After being asked by Bradley which Marvel franchise the character of Yondu belonged too, Judi repeated Shaun’s incorrect answer of “The Avengers.”

Viewers couldn’t help but comment on the error, quickly flocking to Twitter to express their confusion.

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“Considering how hard she’s listening to him, how did she miss that he said The Avengers too? 

“Not that she’d have to know the answer anyway. Good try nevertheless. #thechase,” one shared. 

Another commented: “Sean: The Avengers? Judi: The Avengers? STUPID #thechase,”

A third replied: “Not sure if they are listening to the Chaser – but it might be a bit fairer if Brad were to repeat the incorrect answer… #thechase.”

“Shaun: ‘The Avengers,’ Judi: ‘The Avengers?’ Me: ‘HE JUST SAID THAT!!’ #TheChase,” wrote another viewer.
A fifth said: “Repeats the wrong answer the Chaser just gave klaxon.”

Bradley told the pair the correct answer was, in fact, “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

Unfortunately, despite Judi’s best efforts, Shaun managed to catch her, meaning she went home empty-handed.

“Judi that was a yummy performance, well done. But at the end of the day, it’s just another day at the office,” Shaun concluded. 

The Chase airs weekdays from 5pm on ITV.

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