'The Challenge 38': A Popular Veteran Reportedly Cut From the Cast Last Minute

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for ‘The Challenge 38.]

Filming for The Challenge 38 is reportedly currently underway in Argentina. As the cast is finalized, a returning player and a familiar veteran were cut at the last minute.

‘The Challenge 38’ cast reportedly includes Johnny’ Bananas’ and Laurel Stucky

Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio – The Real World: Key West (20 seasons, 2 finals, 7 wins)

Wes Bergmann – The Real World: Austin (14 seasons, 3 finals, 2 wins)

Nelson Thomas – Are You the One? 3 (8 seasons, 2 finals)

Laurel Stucky – The Challenge: Fresh Meat 2 (6 seasons, 3 finals, 1 win)

Devin Walker – Are You the One? 3 (6 seasons, 2 finals)

Kaycee Clark – Big Brother 20 (3 seasons, 2 finals, 1 win)

Fessy Shafaat – Big Brother 20 (3 seasons, 2 finals)

Amber Borzorta – Big Brother 16 (2 seasons, 1 win)

Turabi “Turbo” Çamkıran – Survivor Turkey 8 (2 seasons, 1 win)

Nany González – The Real World: Las Vegas (11 seasons, 3 finals)

Tori Deal – Are You the One? 4 (6 seasons, 3 finals)

Aneesa Ferreira – The Real World: Chicago (15 seasons, 2 finals)

Kailah Casillas – The Real World: Go Big or Go Home (5 seasons, 1 final)

Nam Thanh Vo – Ultimate Beastmaster (2 seasons)

Jay Starrett – Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X (2 seasons)

Michele Fitzgerald – Survivor: Kaôh Rōng (1 season)

Nurys Mateo – Are You the One? 6

Analyse Talavera – Big Brother 21

Tommy Bracco – Big Brother 21

Johnny Middlebrooks – Love Island 2 (USA)

Olivia Kaiser – Love Island 3 (USA)

Jakk Maddox – Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love (Laurel’s best friend)

Sam Bird – Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love (Kailah Casillas’s husband)

Horacio Gutierrez – Exatlón Telemundo (Olivia’s friend)

Colleen Schneider – The Mole Germany

Kim Tranka – Prince Charming Germany

Emmy Russ – Beauty and the Beast Germany

Ravyn Collier– Actor

Moriah Jadea – Influencer

Chauncey Palmer – Amber Borzorta’s boyfriend

James Simon – Aneesa Ferreira’s best friend

Kenneth Clark – Kaycee Clark’s brother

Tamara Alfaro – Turbo’s girlfriend

Corey Lay and Josh Martinez were reportedly cut from ‘The Challenge 38’ cast

Initially, Corey Lay was included in the cast for The Challenge 38, presumably teaming up with Michele Fitzgerald for the rumored “ride or die” themed season due to their impressive elimination performance in Spies, Lies, and Allies.

However, he left Argentina following the quarantine as he was a reported alternate. Additionally, Big Brother 19 winner Josh Martinez, who has appeared in every season since War of the Worlds (season 33), won’t compete in The Challenge 38.

The five-time competitor seemed like a shoo-in, and many thought he would team up with friend Fessy Shafaat. The allies thought they could have made it far together last season, but a blow-up resulted in Fessy’s early disqualification.

According to spoiler accounts, Josh is back home after being cut as an alternate.

Emy Alupei and Emanuel Neagu were also removed from the cast

Emerging Romanian players Emy Alupei and Emanuel Neagu were reportedly sent home at the airport before entering quarantine. They weren’t alternates and expected to compete this season. However, the production crew allegedly chose not to cast them at the last second after discovering a resurfaced video from 2016 in which Emy uses the “n-word” several times in a performance. The rapper issued a public apology on her Instagram account following her rumored removal. The Challenge airs on MTV.

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