The Big Bang Theory fans expose plot hole with Sheldon’s Cooper’s famous spot on the sofa

THE Big Bang Theory fans have exposed a plot hole with Sheldon’s Cooper’s famous spot on the sofa.

During the 12 seasons of the hit CBS sitcom, Sheldon's obsessive and meticulous personality provided plenty of funny moments.

One of his biggest quirks was having his 'spot' on the end of the sofa in the apartment he shares with Leonard.

If anyone dared sit in his 'spot', they would get a stern telling off, but some viewers have questioned why the character wasn't as pedantic about having a 'spot' in the university canteen.

Taking to Reddit, one viewer wrote: "I was just wondering, because he has a spot at home, he was looking for his spot at Penny's the whole time he was at her apartment in the 17th episode of the 1st season, (and) he had a spot in prison in the 16th episode of the 3rd season…

“Why do you think this is?"

The question equally baffled other fans, with one writing in reply: "You know I never noticed."

Another added: "Most likely answer – the writers didn’t think about that.”

A third elaborated: "The most likely explanation is it wasn't thought of by the writers.

“Personally, I like to believe that in restaurants / Cafeteria, Sheldon realised that he cannot have a single reserved spot, and had to come to terms with this & to compensate he became very strict with the spots he can reserve. But that's just what I like to think.”

Meanwhile a fourth reasoned: "Probably the difference between personal space and a common area.”

It isn't the only Sheldon-related plot hole viewers have noticed since the show ended in May last year.

Some eagle-eyed fans pointed out a timeline plot hole with Sheldon and child genius Dennis Kim, while others spotted a botched TV recording issue between Sheldon and Leonard.

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